Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lucy's Take... Trying To Help My Hooman

My hooman had a long talk wit me yesterday. She says Daddy is going to be goin far, far, far aways, n dat I'm gonna have to be Mummy's Little Helper. He's goin to dat place where dey wear cowboy hats, n ders a lot of sunshine. Mummy says we're gonna go too somedays, but for now, we's has to watch over tings here. I can tells my hooman is sad about my Daddy leavin. We're really gonna miss him, but I'm gonna be a good puppy and helps my mum as much as I can, and I'll do my bests to protect her while he's gone.

I got started right aways helpin da hoomans. No point in waiten, right?

I overheards da hoomans talking about the jungle behind da house. Mummy says it's gonna haves to be cleaned up before we can sell da house.
"I'm workin on da weeds, Ma! I'll have em all cleaned up in no times at all!"
"Comes checks out my progress, Ma! I tinks you're gonna be very happy wit me!"
My hooman says I's not gonna be able to leave my toys all over da house anymore. She says I betters get used to puttin em away when I'ms done playin.
"Where should I puts da puppy, Ma? I tinks I'm gonna needs a toy box! I've got him, just tells me where I should put him!"
I tinks Mommy needs to haves a talks wit my Daddy bout puttin tings away. It's only fair dat if I haves to clean up my stuff, so does he. Last night, he dropped dis bag right in da middle of da kitchen floor when he came home. Messy hooman!
"Hey, Daddy. Dat doesn't go der! I'll helps you dis time, but you's needs to learns to clean up afters yourself!"
"A boxers work is never done!"
"Okay, Daddy! I's gettin all da clothes out of da bag. I's helped as much as I can, you're gonna haves to hang these up before Mum sees dis mess!"

"Wows! Dats a lot of work for a puppy in one day. I's is tired! I'ves got just one question, Ma! Do I gets an allowance for all dis extra sponsability I's takin on?"



  2. Lucy, I think you're doing a great job helping! I'd definitely hold out for a Milkbone or Frosty Paws allowance of some kind!


  3. Sooo cute! And I'm soooo glad I'm not the only one who does voices for furbabies. I've always believed that animals have as big a personality as their humans allow!

  4. Adding another vote for a frosty paw allowance. Lucy you put me to shame!

    Thinkin of how I can help out more,

  5. You go Lucy! It's all good when it comes from the heart!

  6. You are one busy boxer. Great job. Put a dog in charge every time, if you want something done.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. You are one busy boxer! Your mama is lucky to have you as her little helper.