Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Four Feet/Foot Rule

I read somewhere a few weeks ago that the amount of space allocated for any one being in the bed, is determined by the number of feet you have- not how many feet tall you are. Clearly, that rule applies in our home because my 4 footed little boxer somehow always manages to take up more than her fair share of the bed. Her favorite spot to sleep is right in the middle of the bed, in between her Daddy and I. Rob claims that it's jealousy and that Lucy's protecting me. I personally think that Lucy has figured out that the warmest place in the bed is in between her two humans.

I found the most wonderful red and green Christmas collar for Lucy the other day. It has wonderful little bells on all of the petals. I couldn't wait for it to arrive. I was imagining Lucy sitting in the middle of the living room looking festive and posing for the camera so that we could send out what would be a very late Christmas card. However, that wasn't the way that it went down. It took me two days to even get her to let me put it on her, and when I finally did get it on her, she became obsessed with getting off. The moral of this story is that there is obviously no Christmas picture. This is the second Christmas accessory that I've purchased for Lucy in hopes of getting a great holiday shot... Maybe today will be my lucky day.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's Been A Long Day For Lucy & Her "Hooman"

I can't seem to get rid of the feeling of being so tired that it's a huge effort just to climb the stairs. By the time I get home each evening, it's all I can do to rid up the house, play with Lucy and make something to eat for dinner. And for the last two weeks, we've been shuffling vehicles around in the morning before work, and at night after work, so that's been adding a couple of hours on to the beginning and the end of the day. This morning was no exception.

I loaded Lucy into her Daddy's truck and we drove 45 minutes to pick up the big box truck. Lucy started out in the back seat. By the time we had been in the truck for 10 minutes, she was half in the front, and half in the back (in the direct stream of the heat, mind you), and by the time we arrived at the mechanics garage, I had a sweet little boxer baby in my lap, which I didn't mind one bit except for the fact that Lucy's not exactly light. I'm pretty sure she just wanted to be close to her humans.

As cold as it was here today, I was determined that I was not going to deprive Lucy of her 4 walk and explore adventures that we normally take while she's on the job with me. And I figured that as long as I was freezing my tush off, I might as well get some good pictures of Lucy. She didn't disappoint me, she's a very entertaining little boxer!
This is Lucy's "Scrunch Face"! I can't help but just wanna squeeze her when she makes this face and all of her little wrinkles appear!
Lucy's very easily entertained, and these tree branches kept her occupied for a good 15 minutes (did I mention that I was freezing my tush off?)
"Hey, Ma! I's tinkin dat I's want da branch dats on da top. Can you's helps me? Please??? I dont's tink I can reach its."
... Such fierce determination for such a little pup!

I wish I could say that it's time to go home now, but I've still got 2 hours of having the store open, and a 20 minute drive home. Mountain Dew and Coffee have lost their energizing effects on me at this point... "What's am I gonna do, Lucy? Can I have just a tad of your energy?"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Leave It To Lucy...

Lucy's definitely a pup that likes to be comfortable. And if there is a big, comfy blanket or pillow, she's bound to be found curled up right next to it. At her Daddy's store the other day, she discovered the sleeping bag, and it didn't take her long to make herself right at home.

I'm not sure that I would have chosen the same place to rest my head, but we'll let you decide...

Not much escapes Lucy's attention, and when there are lots of people around, she's even more tuned into everything that's going on. Sometimes the look on her face says that she knows exactly what you're up to... (Even if she is just lounging around!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lucy's Human Is Back!

I couldn't wait to get home yesterday and see Rob and the little boxer. And it was instantly apparent how much my little boxer pup missed her mama. She wiggled, and wiggled, and I got tons of kisses. I like to travel, but hate being away from Rob & Lucy! (In case you're wondering, Rob's butt wasn't wiggling like Lucy's was!)

A couple of inches of snow fell while I was in Florida, and Lucy couldn't wait to show me how she plays in the snow. I'm wondering if after a couple of months of the ground being covered in the white stuff, if the little boxer will get as sick of it as her humans do? I guess only time will tell... But for now, she's having a grand ole' time in the white powder!

Last night, she hauled one of her marrow bones out and dropped it on the deck and waited for me to do something. Seeing as how it was covered in snow, Lucy's human had no desire to pick it up, so I covered it in snow, and waited for Lucy to dig it out.

Lucy and I played this little game for about 10 minutes. Then something else caught Lucy's attention, and it didn't matter any more that I had buried the bone.

Lucy started doing this amazing little pounce and bounce routine last night, and repeated the performance for me this morning till I had laughed so hard that I had tears streaming down my face. Last night it was this frozen over water bowl, this morning it was just the snow.

And when she was all done pouncing across the deck, Lucy got a bad case of the boxer zoomies and tore around the yard for the next 15 minutes... Ears flying, snow going everywhere! And when she was all done, she flew up onto the deck and sat down beside me with her sweet little face covered in snow, and I had to laugh. Oh, Lucy! You're such a clown!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lucy's Take... So Many Toys So Little Time

Happy Sunday, Friends! I's been pretty busy checking out all da new toys my hooman boughts for me. It's keepin me outs of trouble. I was so happy to be reunited with my gator... so happy dat I hid it somewheres and now, I don'ts know where I put it.

My hooman packed dat sootcase agains dis morning. I tinks dat means I's isn't gonna see hers for a couple of days. She tolds Daddy dis morning "Take good care of my little wiggle bum!" I guess dat means it just gonna be Daddy and I's for a few days. We'll watch some football, and I'ms sure dat there will be some goods food for us to eat! Yippee!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fed Ex Brought You Sometin' Lucy!

When Lucy and I got home last night, the box that I have been eagerly awaiting was in front of the garage. Of course, Lucy had no idea why her human was in such a big hurry to pull the car into the garage, park it and get to that box. But it didn't take her that long to figure out. I'm pretty sure she knew when I sat that box down on the kitchen floor and let her check it out that it was most certainly "Lucy's box!"

Once she was certain that the box belonged to her, she could barely contain her excitement. I didn't even have a chance to remove the toys from the plastic before my little boxer was ready to play with them all. You would have thought that my little pup hadn't had a new toy in months. (Which I can assure you, isn't the case!)

And of course, I was trying to document the whole thing on camera, which wasn't easy with a jumping, wiggling boxer who couldn't contain her excitement!

The $6.00 toy that made Lucy's day could have cost a hundred bucks and would have been totally worth it just for the look on her face when she was reunited with her very favorite stuffed gator. She didn't even seem to notice that it wasn't all covered in dirt, all that mattered was that it was her gator! (And I'm sure that not being covered in dirt isn't a situation that will last any amount of time!)

This is the toy that I have spent countless hours searching online and in stores to replace. The old one lasted a whopping six months and withstood all kinds of tugging, throwing and chewing. Any toy that can withstand my boxers affection for more than 2 weeks is an outstanding toy in my opinion!

I'm not sure which one of us was more pleased, me or the boxer?

I told Lucy's Daddy last night that the look on that little pups face when she was reunited with that toy was completely priceless (yet he still didn't understand exactly why his darling fiance bought up 6 of the beloved toy...)

Lucy and I spent about 15 minutes playing with the newly reunited friend, I tossed it, she ran after it, teased me with it a little bit, and then dropped it at my feet to be thrown and chased right back after it.

How awesome is this picture? I could try for a month to recapture Lucy with her ears flying and would probably be unsuccessful, but this picture is one I'll treasure forever... It's a keeper!

I am not the least bit surprised that when we woke up this morning that Lucy was snuggled up between her Dad & I, and the gator was right there in the mix.

One of our followers suggested that we try out a "Go Dog Baby Dragon Plush Dog Toy" and I can tell that this squeaky little toy that's easy for Lucy to drag around is gonna be a keeper.

When I was trying to leave the house this morning, Lucy was in the living room retrieving her little dragon... She's probably all curled up with her new little friend as I sit here blogging! (Thanks for the suggestion...) I don't know what it is, but toys that are lime green seem to be very popular with my little boxer.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Silver Linings

I'm one to always try to find the silver lining in any situation, and I guess this week would be the perfect example of that. There's been good stuff and bad stuff all week... And I've got some very exciting news!

I'm getting a sinus infection! (Obviously this is not the exciting news!)

The silver lining:
I've got a whole bottle of penicillin and steroid nasal spray, so I should be able to cure it without a trip to the doctor!

I had a ton of computer problems this week. (This isn't the news either...) For some reason, my computer wouldn't stay functional for more than 10 minutes which made me INSANE! I spent about 6 hours the other day trying to back everything up in anticipation of having to wipe the operating system out.

The silver lining: I did a system restore yesterday, and everything seems to be back to normal! And if the problems start again, I've got a good backup!)

It's very cold here, and there's snow and ice on the ground and the roads! (Still not the news... I love to build anticipation!)

The silver lining: Lucy is loving the snow, and I am in turn getting a lot of comic relief from her love of the snow! The cold just doesn't seem to phase her, surprisingly enough!

And... She and I have been taking lots of walks & playing in the cold weather and snow... don't you burn more calories in the cold? Last night we spent a 1/2 hour out in the yard when we got home from work, of course I looked a lot like an Eskimo!

Now for my BIG!!, SUPER EXCITING!!, WONDERFUL!! news... (the news that came just as my beautician was pulling the foils out of my hair) that has had me smiling since about 11:30 on Wednesday morning (yes, I'm thankful that I was finally able to get my haircut and highlighted and I feel 10 times better, but this is not the news...)

Here it is... Rob & I put an offer on a house in Orlando, FLA about 3 weeks ago. We have been waiting for 2 weeks for a response to our counter offer and wondering if we were going to get the house... Well, on Wednesday, our offer was accepted!!!! I'm excited for so many reasons... Thankful that we've found a wonderful home, in a great location, at a fabulous price... And excited because this will be the 1st home that we have picked out and purchased as a couple... So really our first house! Our little family is moving to Orlando... some day...

I am headed to Orlando on Sunday to do the home inspection...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lucy's First Real Snowfall...

I couldn't wait to see Lucy's reaction to her first real snowfall. When we woke up yesterday morning the deck was covered, and the yard was starting to show little signs of green grass. Initially, I didn't think she was even going to go outside, but once she got out there, I couldn't get her back in.

When her "delicate" little paws hit that ice cold snow for the first time, there was a lot of hesitation. She turned right back around and came in the house. Of course, that wasn't going to work and I had to shoo her right back out in the cold.

But, like anything else with Lucy, after the initial greeting of anything new, the hesitation disappears once she's had a chance to give it a good "once over", and Lucy becomes her usual silly self.

Lucy was thrilled to find out how slippery the deck was covered in snow, and wasted no time tearing up the snow on the deck, running, jumping and sliding all over the place.

She seemed shocked to find out that the smelly old shoe she's been playing with in the yard, still smells just the same even covered in snow.

And when her Mama was totally frozen, Lucy was happy to come back in the house and settle down for a nice nap right under a heat vent. Good Lucy!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Lucy's not as little as she used to be, she's growing up pretty quickly. So, in honor of her newly added pounds and inches, her play space at the store had to get bigger! She was so excited to come into work with me the other day and discover that she's now got even more room to romp around. She wasted no time figuring out a way to keep an eye on everything going on in the store, either. I finished with a customer to find my little boxer's head sticking out the bottom of a bookcase. She was so happy to see me that I got a big kiss... Of course, I had to crawl around on the ground with her to get it...

The hunt for toys that will occupy Lucy for hours, without being destroyed is on. I loved all the suggestions I got after the post I made about the lion the other day. (I wonder who I can contact to become a "toy tester"... Lucy's also curious!) After reading all of those posts this morning, I got online and ordered Lucy up some new toys. I found a great site- with fantastic prices which really made me happy! (

We've got dragons on the way... And in the process I was able to locate a replacement for Lucy's favorite toy that was retired two weeks ago. I had looked everywhere, including the place where I bought it, a pet store in Charleston and even one in Orlando with no luck! But I struck pay dirt this morning, and we've got 6 of them on the way! I can't deal with that look on Lucy's face...

Since we're on the subject of indestructable toys, I thought I would share this one with you. This octopus was purchased ( about 6 months ago and has really taken a beating! Lucy loves him, and I'm thrilled that the $19.00 I spent lasted longer than 30 minutes! She and I had a wild play with the octopus this afternoon, and he's no worse for show.... (If only I could say the same for my arm and the sweater that I'm wearing :) )

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tug O' War With A Lion...

...And the boxer won!

Lucy's been such a good sport about all of the hours that she's been at work with her mama, and earlier this week I decided it was time to reward my little helper. (Since a paycheck is out of the question, I reward her with toys and bones!)

Off to Petco Lucy and I went. I always let Lucy pick out a toy, and of course, I typically grab a bunch of stuff on the way through. I'm always looking for things that will occupy her while we're at work, and of course, not fall apart immediately. (3 of her toys have gone to the toy graveyard in the past 7 days! I "mend" them whenever I can, but these 3 were beyond the point of minor surgery!)

Lucy picked out a little lion with a rope, she loves anything that has a rope attached. And she was so excited with her new toy that she pulled it out of the bag as soon as we got in the car and she played with until we got to work, then carried it into the store, and laid right down with it. 30 minutes later, the precious lion was in two pieces... I'll be returning that one to Petco- it was labeled "strong".... I don't think so!

I feel bad because she loved the toy, but it just didn't hold up to my little tug of war queen! You win some, you loose some!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lucy's Take...The Doggie Bloggie Award

I ams so honored to have received the "Doggie Bloggie Award" from our friend, Olive! Thanks a bunches Olive! If you've never met Olive, you should swing by and say hello! This is my pal, Olive:

Here ares the rules of da Doggie Bloggie Award:

1) Thanks da person who gaves the award and link to them.

Thanks Olive!

2) Name 10 things about yourself-creative, weird, enticing, whatever...

1.I loves to fetch things. Buts da best part of fetching tings, is playin tug-o-war wit my hooman. She always seems to want da toy back as bad as I do, so I likes makin her works for it!

2. Meeting new peoples is one of my favorite activities. My hooman always tells people dat I can't holds my licker though! How embarrassin is dat?

3.I works full time... Buts don't get a paycheck! Thankfully, my hooman understands dat I needs to be rewarded for my efforts and takes me on regular trips to da pet store! I gets lots of toys, bones and treats! And of course, whenever she gets sometin to eat, I always get at least a little taste!

4. I loves my veggies! For breakfast dis morning, I had somethin my hooman calls "Stew". It's had carrots, broccoli, yams, cauliflowers, green beans, zucchini, and squash all mixed in with ground turkeys! YUMS!!

5. I always helps my hooman takes a bath. And whens she's all done, I help drys her off! Sometimes, I drags da washcloth down da stairs so mom doesn't haves to carry it as far to put it in da wash!

6.I am a puppy school drops out! But dat doesn't means dat I don't behaves. I walks nicely on da leash, shake, sit, come, and leaves it very well despite not havings completed my puppy classes!

7.I'ms a little sad rights now because my favorite toy had a bad accidents and my hooman says I can'ts play wit it anymore! She tells me she looked all overs da place to find another one just like it, but was unsuccessful! She gets an A for efforts!

8. One of my favorites places to lay in da house in on da stairs.

9. I love to sleep in fronts of da heater in Mom's office! It feels so good!

10. I get very jealous when Daddy hugs Mommy- I should be included in that hug too! I'ms a part of da family!!

3) Award 15 doggie bloggers-whoever you think deserves this regardless of whether they are old or new.

Dis part is too hard! I loves all my doggie blogging friends, I can't picks just 15, and my hooman says dat I don't haves too! I loves all of you guys, and we luvs reading abouts all of your adventures and looking at yours pictures! My hooman wants you all to know dat she reads me your blogs every chance she gets, but doesn't always haves time to comment! She works so hard. 7 days a week, 10 hours a day... frankly, she's loosings its a little bit... but don't tell her I told you dat, k?

4) Finally, have a great time...participation is not mandatory, only if you want to!! After all, doggies are nothing if not fun! It was a lots of fun to share some things about myself! And I'm so happy dat I gots an award. Maybe I'll try to be better at posings for da camera da next time Mommy gets it out.

Lucy's Take... How I's Help Wit Da Laundry

My hoomans returned on da 12th, and haves been keepin me pretty busy ever since! I hads a great times with my Aunt Kim and my 4 cousins, but I was sure happy to see my hoomans!

I loves to be a good little helper. When my Mom does da laundry, I do everythings I can to help! I loves to help her folds, and it's a lot of fun to run off with the socks! Of course, doin laundrys exhaustin- and there's nuttin better dan curlin up on a nice warm pair of jeans fresh out of da dryer!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lucy's Take... My Littles Vacation

Well, it's official. Both of dose hoomans have left! I still haven'ts figured out what's goin on, but my Aunt Kim came and picked me ups dis morning! I was so happy to see her that I wiggled all overs da place and gaves her all kinds of kisses. But thens it dawned on me, "Where's ya been, Aunt Kim? I haven'ts seen you since da hoomans went to Aruba!" She apologized for nots seeing me in so longs, so I guess I'll haves to forgive her!

I'ms all settled ins at Aunt Kims house. I hads a big dinner, and nows I'm watchin those silly things everyone calls "cats". They're prettys amusing, and we don'ts have any of those at our house!

I'ms sad my hoomans are gone, but at leasts my mom called tonights, and I sent her kisses on da phone. She sounds like she really misses me. I's is missing her too! Wonders when dey are comings back?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lucy Wants To Go Shopping...

I think Lucy might have been trying to send her Daddy a message this morning. I just got a call from her Daddy that she had managed somehow to pull his wallet from his briefcase, completely remove all of the cash and then she proceeded to pull all of his credit cards out and start nibbling. I think she was trying to tell him that she wants to go shopping! Good girl, Lucy! That's definitely the right wallet to be in if you're in the mood for a big shopping spree!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lucy's Take... Where's Dat Silly Hooman Goin Now?

Dis mornin my hoomans woke up very early, and Daddy announced that there was a whole world out there waiting to be conquered. I don't knows what dat means, but Mommy promptly jumped out bed, grabbed a cups of coffee and dragged that big soot-case out of da closet. Ugh oh! I didn't likes da look of dat. She threw all kinds of stuff in der, and den Daddy hauled it out to da truck. Den my hooman loaded me into da truck and off we went!

We pulled up to dat ting my hoomans call da airport, and Mommy and Daddy's both got out! Mommy came around da back and gaves me hugs and kisses and tolds me to be a good girl for Daddy... Dis mornin just kept gettin worse...

You're nots gonna believe dis one, but we left Mommy der...all by herselfs... What's da matter with my Daddy? I don'ts know why he woulds do dat? I guesses I'll be hanging out with my Dad for a coupla days. Mommy mentioned sometins about a visit to Aunt Kims house, wonder when dats happenin?

So, ifs you don'ts hear from me for a coupla days, dats why. Just don'ts want you's all to worrys about me!