Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tell Me More Tuesdays Blog Hop

I was just invited by Traci over at Traci66 to play along with "Tell Me More Tuesdays"! It sounds like fun, so I figured why not? Every week she will post eight questions that readers can answer and include in their own post to link up. She will also be taking questions from readers so they can be used for future inquiries.

1.Other than your marriage or the birth of your kids, what has been the happiest moment of your life? My fiance and I had been dating for almost 4 years when he came home one evening and told me that he didn't want to wait another day for us to take the next step in our relationship. I don't know if that was the best moment, or the moment when he actually slid that ring on my finger!

2. Do you use coupons regularly when shopping? Shh... Don't tell my mom, but no I don't! I do try to, but what I end up with is a huge pile of unused, expired coupons floating all through my purse! I have good intentions, they just never pan out!

3. Would you consider yourself to be a frugal or extravagant spender? I'm both. I love a good bargain, but if there's something that I really love, or really want, it doesn't matter what it costs...

4. Are there any magazines or written publications that you regularly read? This is another one of those intentions things... I get several different magazines, and intend to read them. But, right at the moment I've got a stack of unread magazines about 2 feet high. "Cooking Light" is one that usually gets attention, but sometimes they sit for months before they get that attention.

5. Do you host any blog hops or memes? Nope!

6. Are you glad school will be starting soon? I don't have kids, but yes I am glad. It will mean the end of wild children, running unsupervised through my store knocking things over, climbing on $2000 dollar tables, and ripping price tags off of furniture. I can't wait!

7. If you were to win the lottery, say 1 million dollars, what would you do with it? I would put it in the bank. There's really not anything that I need!

8. When and where did you get married? Or are you planning to get married soon? I certainly hope I'm getting married soon... But, we don't have a date.


  1. I love reading these things, it lets me get to know my blogger friends so much better!

  2. Great interview. And thanks for hosting the blog hop!