Monday, August 2, 2010

Boxer, Boxer, & Boxer Play Date!

Lucy has 2 boxer friends in our neighborhood. (This neighborhood is ruled by boxers, and I can't think of anything better, can you?) Lucy's first boxer friend is Layla who is 6 years old. She met Lucy on her second day home. Lucy was only 12 pounds at the time and very tiny in comparison to the full grown boxer, but that didn't stop her from having a good, rough n tough rumble with Layla that made Lucy's Human's heart stop. (The first time you see boxers play, it's a little scary! There oughta be some kind of warning for that!) They've been playing together for 4 months now.

When we came home from work last night, Layla was out running in her yard. I brought Lucy home, put her in the yard and decided that I was going to try something new! I wanted to bring Layla over to our yard for a play date! We had never tried it before, but as good as the 2 boxers got along, I thought it would be a ton of fun and a great way to wear both dogs out! I knew it would make Lucy's day

Layla was less than thrilled about the idea. She has been trained to stay in "her yard" and she's very good at doing that. So, when she and I walked over to my yard, she was very hesitant and ended up turning around and going back home. I followed her back over to her house, and Joe (Layla's Human's son) attempted to walk back over to our house with Layla. Almost success! We made it to the driveway and Layla turned back around and went home. It became clear that the only way to get her over here was going to be on a leash! And our 3rd and final attempt was successful!

While I had the best of intentions in my endeavor, Layla clearly was uncomfortable, and I felt awful.

Layla had no desire to play with Lucy, or chase Lucy or be anywhere near Lucy. And Lucy was clearly disappointed.

They have played so well together in the past, and have never exchanged more than a giddy grumble, but last night when Lucy attempted to approach Layla, she growled and she barked, and I couldn't have been more shocked. Poor Lucy just laid down on the ground and tried to figure out why her buddy wouldn't play with her. And I just shook my head in bewilderment.

I finally decided that I would make one more attempt to get the girls off the deck and into the yard, and if that didn't work, I was going to take Layla home. I didn't want Layla or Lucy to be unhappy, but I just couldn't understand what was going on. Shouldn't 2 dogs that have played so well together in the past, be playing now? I walked down into the yard and called for Layla and Lucy. And after a couple of calls, they came, but neither stayed in the yard. And Layla still didn't want to play with her boxer buddy.

Layla and I walked back to her home together. And her owner was very surprised to see us so soon, I don't think she was gone even 20 minutes.

I explained to him what happened and he was as shocked and bewildered as I was. He asked if I could bring Lucy over to his house and see if the two girls would play together. And it worked! It was just like old times. Layla is very clearly uncomfortable outside of her usual habitat! Poor girl!

I guess they'll have to play together in her yard! Silly boxer!

While we were standing out there talking and watching Lucy & Layla play, Lucy's buddy Job decided to get in on the action! It was great to see 3 boxers romping in the yard. You ain't seen puppy play, till you've seen boxer play!

"Hey, Job- I'm so glad you's out and playin again! I sures missed ya. You probably don't know dis, but I've been sittin in my front window watchin for ya!"

"I'ms so glads to be out here, wit ya Lucy! I've been waiten to play wits ya!"

This is boxer play at it's best! Lucy looks like she's ready to take a serious chunk out of Job, and Layla's just sitting there watching the whole thing go down. My little darling doesn't look like a darling in this picture, but she's clearly having fun!

Where's Lucy?

I just wish all 3 boxers had been facing the same direction- it would have made a great wiggle butt picture! Notice the size of Lucy compared to the other 2 boxers. Layla is on the end, and Job is in the middle. He's a year and a half and not that much bigger than my little girl!

After watching these 3 beauties play together yesterday, I'm even more convinced than I was before: WE NEED ANOTHER BOXER! Shhh... Don't tell Rob- he's mad at Lucy because she woke him up at 4 AM and he couldn't get back to sleep, so this would be the wrong day to approach the topic of adding another boxer to the family!


  1. I LOVE THIS! We have TWO boxers and they are so great together. I also love seeing your pictures - because it makes me realize that my boxers are normal. They play hard. They tackle each other, they run around, they "bite" at each other. The whole time their tails are wagging and their tongues are hanging out. They aren't mean - that's just how they like to play. So to see three other boxers playing the same way makes me happy. Everytime we take our dogs to play with a lab or another large dog - it seems like Dixie or Bauer are bullying the dog. They aren't - they just want to play but labs and golden retrievers don't seem to want to play the same way.

    Sorry for my rant - I just love this post. And your pup is BEAUTIFUL! :)

    Get another one!

  2. There goes the neighborhood!!! You're right Boxers definitely have particular way of play which in my experience is NOT appreciated at the dog park. Whatever! Boxers are awesome!LOL!

  3. I haven't really had issues at the dog park. Lucy and I go whenever we get the chance... She always seems to be able to pick out the wildest pups in the park, and those are the ones she rumbles with. Last week it was a bull dog and a great dane puppy! Other weeks, it's been lab puppies... (Puppies seem to be the main theme- even though they're usually older than Lucy!)


  4. What a fun boxer party... I'm glad that playtime was back on schedule after you went to Layla's!

  5. Boxers are the bomb! There isn't a better breed of dog in my opinion. And mine is the only one that counts.

  6. I think most dogs love to play with other dogs. I loved the pix of three happy boxers! My little dog Kelly doesn't get the opportunity to play with others very much, and she doesn't get along with all dogs so that makes it tough. There is a golden retriever named Beast up the road who she loves, but Beast isn't available often.

  7. Loved this post! Loooks like they all had a great time! I agree, another boxer should be in your near future!

  8. I was just over a year old when my pawrents brought Brutus home. They wouldn't have it any other way - we play together and have the best time :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda (& Brutus too!)

  9. That is the most Boxers I have ever seen together at once. Of course I have only ever seen one....great pics!

  10. What a fun post!! These pups are too cute! And I love the name Lucy ~ That was my first dog's name too :)

  11. I don't have any friends with chihuahuas. Everyone I know has different breeds. Otherwise it would be great to have playdates! I just know Shiver would love to have someone to play with. Chico won't play with him unless they're outside and even then, it's limited.

  12. How cute are they?!

    Poor little Layla - glad she felt better at home.

  13. Oh how I love boxer play!!!! It's the best to watch! I miss watching my two box and romp and wrestle!!! Thank you for sharing this! You def need another boxer =)

    ~The Mama Monster

  14. I love seeing a group of dogs together who are really having fun! It does look like Lucy would really like having a sibling to play with! Good luck finding the right time to bring it up!

  15. Boxers are INCREDIBLE! Beautiful :)

  16. Glad to know it was just that Layla did not feel comfy enough in your yard and at the end they had a good time together and then joined by Job!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. how fun! boxers everywhere, i've never met one i didn't love. thanks for stopping by my blog!

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog Its All Random! Cute dogs!! Im following you back :)

  19. Yay! The follow widget is working and now I'm following. Yep, when you find a breed that truly works for you and your family, it's a match made in Heaven and one is NEVER enough! Glad you have three. We have two but maybe more?