Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy 1/2 Birthday, lil Lu Lou!

My boxer baby is 6 months old today! It seems like just yesterday that I was counting down the hours until she was old enough to bring her home. She's been such a big part of our lives for the last 4 months, constantly keeping us on our toes, and wiggling her way right into our hearts. It's hard to remember what we did before Lucy came wiggling into our home!

Today, Lucy is at Dr. Mary's today being spayed. It was hard to drop her off there this morning, knowing that for the last 4 months, she's been at work every day I've been at work and that I was going to be on my own today. It's really quiet here, and I'm sure it's gonna be a long day without my little assistant. And of course, I'm gonna worry even though I know she's in good hands... It's just my nature to worry! I'll be very happy to pick her up this evening and take her home- even though I'm sure that keeping her out of trouble for the next week or so is gonna be a huge challenge!

I should mention that our little darlin weighed in at 44 pounds this morning when I dropped her at Dr. Mary's. Big puppy!

Yesterday, I had to run some errands during the day, and decided that it was going to be the day to get Lucy a new dog bed. I've been shopping all over the place on foot and online and have yet to come up with an appropriate solution. But, the dog bed that Lucy has had at the store, is no longer big enough, and only half of her body fits on it!

Costco has wonderful Cedar filled dog beds, and while I don't think they've got enough "padding" to them, Lucy loves the one that we have at the house, so I figured I would take the plunge! Lucy was so excited when she saw that dog bed, her little body wiggled so hard, I couldn't stop laughing! She made herself comfortable real fast, and settled in for a nap. I guess Lucy likes it! And I loved that every time I hugged Lucy last night, all I could smell was that wonderful cedar aroma.

Nobody will ever convince me that my little boxer is not the smartest dog on the planet (so save your breath!). Last night, I was in the kitchen washing dishes when I heard Lucy crying. She was sitting in front of the living room window looking out across the yard at her boyfriend Job running around. I don't know how she knows when he's out there, but she always does. I had no choice but to leash Lucy and take her outside to play!

I wish I had my camera with me, however it was all I could do to hold Lucy still long enough to get my shoes on, much less grab for a camera. She and Job are adorable together, running side by side, cuddling up next to one another once they were pooped, and little Lucy planting really sweet little kisses right on Job's face! I think the pups are in love, and it makes me smile!

After an hour, we separated the love birds and I took Lucy home, with an insane amount of protesting! She was so hot that after saying hello to her Daddy, she immediately went outside and laid down in her puppy pool! I must have been hot and pooped too, because most of the pictures that I took of her in the pool were a blurry mess.

I am in the middle of another mass mailing for the store, and I dragged the flyers and envelopes home with me last night to get some assistance. (This is gonna go on for days, I just have a feeling I'm never gonna get done with this project! Me and my brilliant marketing ideas. Why is it that every time I have a brilliant idea, I end up with writers cramp?)

Rob & I spent about an hour stuffing 300 envelopes while our little boxer baby looked on in complete and utter disgust. I don't know if it was the lack of attention making her look so mad, or if she was protesting the mess after our long talk the other day about keeping the house clean. But, boy was she mad! Doesn't she look disgusted?

The more of those envelope peels Rob threw on the floor, the more frustrated Lucy seemed to get with the whole situation. Some of them were still pretty sticky, and Lucy got a couple of them stuck to her tail and entertained us for about 5 minutes trying to get the little peels off.

"Just look at this mess you two made. How am I ever gonna clean this up? I's tired just tinkin about how much work it's gonna be. You n Daddy are a real handful, Ma!"


  1. Happy Half Birthday Boxer Girl! Ours will be 6 months old on Monday - funny that they're just 5 days apart! We actually got ours when she was 4 weeks and 2 days old... wow, what a challenge!

  2. Happy 1/2 barkday, Lucy.
    Oops, at first I thought you're the paper shredder, I'm sorry.
    Hoomans are handful, real handful, sigh!

  3. My new Lady Bird will be six months old next month, and I am already sweating her trip to the vet. Have you ever come across that cute email with pictures of cats and one of them has a caption that goes something like this..."Mom, I looked up "fixed" on the Internetz and one of the meaningz soundz disturbing.."
    Anyway, Lucy looks so big to be 6 months old!
    p.s. we have a puppy pool too for Bird, and she is the ultimate water dog. Lately she has learned to jump in a human pool and swims faster than the human children, in between trying to bite all the water around her.

  4. Lucy is big for 6 months old... I'll have to add it to my post, but she weighed in at 44 pounds this morning at the vet. She's not fat, she's just gonna be a big boxer. Lucy's Mom is over 80 pounds, and her dad about a 100... My baby girl is gonna be a bruiser!

  5. Happy 6 month birthday, Lucy!!!!

    You are adorable and I'm so glad you bring your Mom and Dad so much joy!

    Your buddy,

    P.S. Really nice bed!

  6. Trust our Momma- she's says time flies when you's having funs! And with Boxer Babies you's always having funs! Lucy will have a sweet gray muzzle before too long but that just means she's wiser so look out!!!

    The Heartbeats

  7. Happy 1/2 Birthday Lucy!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  8. Lucy is just precious! Thanks for following and I'm your new follower!

  9. Happy 1/2 birthday to your sweet little pupper!

  10. Happy half birthday Lucy! Super cute pics, as always. :)

  11. Happy half birthday. That is no fun way to spend it, getting spayed, is it? I hope you recover quickly and feel back to your happy self soon!

  12. Too cute! Good think Lucy is visiting the doctor so she and Job can be "safe." ;-)

  13. Happy Half Birthday Boxer Baby!

  14. Way to do book work! Happy 1/2 Birthday, my friend!

  15. Happy 1/2 year Birthday. And we hope she has a speedy recovery. Keeping her quiet is going to be hard.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  16. Happy half year birthday Lucy! I know getting spayed sounds like a bad present, but just think how many rewards it really gives in the long run! This is a great gift! Not only that, but right afterwards, Lucy gets extra special attention with hugs and kisses. And that was quite a mess yal made! Lucy didn't like it one bit!