How We Became Lucy's Humans

Once upon a time, there was a heartbroken girl & boy. They had just lost a wonderful 5 year old basset named, Nicky.  The girl had mothered that little basset for 5 years, and they did everything together, so she was completely beside herself. When all of a sudden, what should appear but a beautiful little ad for boxer puppies, and so close to home too? "I must go look" said the girl. The boy laughed at the girl and said, "You're not just going to look... You're going to come home and tell me we're getting a boxer!"  "No", she said.  "I'm just not ready!  But, I want to see the puppies!"  And the boy laughed at her again!

There were 11 puppies, 2 fawns, 4 brindles, and 5 white rolly, polly little wiggle butts. And the girl fell in love with all of them. But one really caught her attention.  The object of her affection was a little fawn female, which eventually became known as Lucy Lou Bugga Boo. Little Lucy's antennae and wiggle butt were just too much too resist.  And the wonderful pink spots all over the little girls nose just made the girl giggle.

The girl and the boy had to wait weeks to bring their new boxer home. And so the girl visited her little Lucy every chance she got and it got harder and harder to leave little Lucy each time.  But the girl knew she had to wait so she would leave little Lucy with the litter and continue to read book after book on boxers and stock up with all kinds of colorful and squeaky toys in preparation for the day when Lucy would come home!

Finally one Friday in April, when the girl couldn't resist any more Lucy and her little wiggle butt got to come home.

And so it all began...

"Lucy's Human" is the story of the girl and the boy's life with the little boxer fawn... The adventures, the lessons learned, and of course, all of the excitement that comes from sharing life with a boxer who mended 2 very broken hearts.