Monday, August 16, 2010

miscellany monday

Happy Monday Friends! This morning, I'm excited about "Miscellany Monday" hosted by Lowercase Letters . I can't think of anything more perfect or more fitting for me than a chance to just ramble about a bunch of misellaneous stuff that pops into my head- especially on a Monday!

This is gonna be fun! But bear with me, because my brain seems to have taken a complete and total leave of absense, and it left no forwarding address or other method of contact. It just left.

For the last several days, I haven't been feeling quite like my usual bouncy, bubbly self. I feel like I might be fighting off the flu or some other kind of virus, because I just feel tired and worn down. Last night, Rob, Lucy & I were sound asleep by 9 PM.

As proof of this, yesterday morning, I had two phone conversations, one with my Mom and one with Rob. I finally hung up with Rob in order to get ready for work. I went upstairs, showered, put my hair in a towel and threw on my bathrobe. I ran downstairs to check on Lucy, saw that she was happily playing in the yard, and ran back upstairs. What I did next is the proof that I'm obviously exhausted, and that my brain has left me. I turned on the shower, unwrapped the towel from my hair, took off my robe and hopped back in the shower. All I have to say is that I was very, very clean and somewhat late by the time I left the house!

My only hope for accomplishing anything at this point is to make lists. I've got them all over the place. I didn't mention it last week, but I had to buy a bigger handbag in order to accomodate all of the lists that I seem to be carrying around. But, there's another complication to these lists that I spend all of my time making. For example, the other day, I made a list for Wal-Mart, but when I arrived at Wal-Mart, I didn't have the list and of course, I had no clue what was on the list or even where I had put the list. I still need to go back to Wal-Mart.

And it would seem that everyday, Rob will say to me "The next time you're in Wal-Mart make sure you pick up some -------". Does he really think I remember all of these things? This from the man who cut the grass the other night and parked the tractor in the middle of the yard with the lights still on? Why were the lights on anyway? He cut the grass in broad daylight- I don't think that running lights are a necessity in the yard. There just isn't that much tractor traffic!

For as long as I can remember, I have had a habit of paying my bills as soon as I recieve them. I mostly bank online, so as soon as a bill appears in my mailbox, I go online and schedule a payment. But, for the last couple of months, something seems to have gone amiss. Because, I keep forgetting to pay things. I have a feeling that I have unknowingly subscribed to stop receiving paper bills, because although the bills exist, I don't seem to be getting statements.

I really need to look into that matter...I'm pretty sure I wrote it on one of my lists... Now where is it?

My very wise mother would probably tell me that a huge part of forgetting to pay bills, is that I never seem to know what day is. When you work 10-14 days in a row, and do pretty much the same routine for that many days at a time with no change of pace, it's very easy to get confused and have no clue what day of the week it really is. At least twice a week, I'll wake up, look at Rob and say "What day is it?" I think he's starting to worry about me just a little bit!

What I think I need is an alarm clock that wakes me up by telling me several times what day of the week it is. That would solve the problem. Or maybe somehow, I could train my smart little boxer to bring me a specific ball, labeled with the day of the week on that day... I'm reaching here, hugh?

I have a habit of buying a brown and a black pair of shoes when I find a style that I really like. Most of the time, this is a good thing, except when you're in a really big hurry, and trying to get out of the closet and shut the door before a boxer puppy can sneak in and cause all kinds of chaos, so you don't turn on the light. I seem to be ending up at work a lot of days with one black, and one brown shoe. I guess I should just be thankful that the shoes are the same style. I guess it could always be worse!


  1. i've totally had days like this. usually i end up brushing my teeth multiple times...

  2. done that a million time, LOL... Hi just hopping by to say I’m you new follow via Misc. Monday….see ya over at my “pad” @

  3. sounds like a Monday...ours started with going to the vet for the last parvo/distemper booster and our first rabies...followed by three piles of throw up on the vet's clean floor while I was paying the bill. I think Bird agreed with me that we have been here and dropped a sufficient amount of money over the last 2 months.
    Aside from getting "fixed" next month, I am glad she is done with the shots for a year.

  4. I can sympathize with this post completely. I have taken a shower twice before. I actually had put on a bit of makeup and then hopped back in the shower. And I NEVER get every single thing I need when I go to Wal-Mart. It's impossible.

    I have started taking B-12 as it supposedly helps brain fuction so you aren't as forgetful. That is if I can remember to take it each day! :)

  5. What a wonderful miscellany monday post! The other day I was so caught up in going through lists in my head that I missed my exit on the interstate and had to wait until a WHILE until I found an exit that allowed me to turn around. My brain seems to get lost at times, as well.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. ha ha! i think everyone has done that at one
    time or another! you sound like such a fun,
    happy person.

    hope you get your days figured out. :)

  7. Wow - your comment just blew me away...Thank you for your support, and I don't feel so alone to know someone else has experienced this. Again, very humbled and thankful to have "met" you!

  8. I used to work those kinds of hours too. I worked one full-time job, one part time job and I took some college classes at the same time. It all got to be too much so I quit the part time job and college classes.

    I'm guilty of making too many lists too. And then I find I have so many that I can't find the one I need!

    I have another award for you, please be sure to stop by and pick it up.

  9. We always make lists and then forget them. Sometimes we make several trips to the shop to get an item......always come out with loads of stuff but forget the thing we went in for.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  10. Loved your Miscellany. I am such a keep the list in my head girl -- it drives my husband batty. Finally, after 15 years of marriage I've started to write down family goals and priorities for the day for him. :)

    Have a fabulous night.

  11. hey it sounds like we had a day like that today!


  12. I had to smile your comment about all your list. I can't seem to remember a darn thing unless it is written down, that is if I can find the notebook and pen to do so!!

  13. Hello! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!:)

    Following you from Moms Rev 4 You!:)

    Would ♥ to hear from you...

  14. Oh dear! Sounds like you need a good vacation! I've had weeks like that too. Where it's a wonder you make it through the day at all! Thanks for stopping by to visit Windy Poplars! I've enjoyed my visit here. You brought a smile to my face! Hope your TUESDAY is a good one!