Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lucy's Take...My Hoomans Have Left Me!

Well, it's official. Da Hoomans have left for Aruba, and dey didn't takes me! What kind of parents leave a boxer baby home whens dey go on vacation? I's tried to hide in a suitcase, but Mom noticed how heavy da bag was when she picked it up, and she founds me. I would've been a good puppy...

Anyway, here's my situation for next 7 days...

Aunt Kim is heres and she and I are going to haves a blast together. I sposin we'll go on some walks, catch some z's, play some fetch, watch some tv, and maybes we'll take a couple of rides. Maybe she'll evens teach me some tricks. I guess we'll have to see! She says I's is gonna meet her dogs, dat sounds like fun!

Da fridge is stocked with ton of yams, mashed taters, chicken, turkey and grounds beef, so I's guessin I'll be eatin good. And I noticed my ma's bought lots of treats for me!

I'll bes missin ya all!


  1. Have you told Aunt Kim the rules about you having to have LOTS of treats everyday?

    Have fun.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  2. What a fun post! I hope you are enjoying your vacation :)

  3. Sorry you couldn't go along too, Lucy. Boo! But at least your mama made sure you'd be well taken care of. I'd milk the temporary orphan situation all you can and tell Aunt Kim that you require treats hourly. I'm sure she'll go for that.

  4. Aruba is wonderful... I loved it there! Have a fantastic time. :)

  5. So stinkin cute :) Enjoy Aruba!!

  6. Have fun with Auntie Kim!
    Kisses and hugs