Thursday, August 5, 2010

Playin Hooky With Lucy!

I couldn't wait to get to Dr. Mary's to see Lucy last night. Of course, traffic from work to the vets office was insane, and I had a customer walk through the door at the last possible second, so I didn't get there nearly as early as I would have liked to!

Lucy was still very groggy when I got to Dr. Mary's at 10 after 6, and she came over to give me a kiss, but her wiggle is definitely not working like it should. When I stuck Lucy in the car, she turned away from me and rested her head on the door, SHE WAS MAD AT ME! So for the first 7 miles of our ride, I was riddled with horrible guilt over what I had just done to my boxer baby!

11 miles to go to home, and Lucy turns around and looks at me with those sweet little eyes, and rests her chin on my arm! Whew, glad to know you're not going to hold a grudge Lucy!

I couldn't wait to get Lucy home, I could tell she was uncomfortable in the car. Of course, last night would have to be the night that I get stuck in a line of traffic going an insane 20 MPH under the speed limit and coming to a dead stop in the middle of the road for no appearent reason 3 times in 11 miles. We eventually did make it home, but I was very annoyed by how long it took.

"Hey Ma, I don'ts feel right."

Lucy had a rough night last night, she still had pain meds in her from Dr. Mary, but she cried and whimpered most of the night. She just couldn't get comfortable. The last several nights, she's been sleeping on the floor in our bedroom for some reason (goofy dog is allowed to sleep in the bed, and she prefers the floor!) so I made up a nice little bed for her on the floor, and she cried and cried until I got up and gently lifted her into our bed. She immediately curled up right next to me and fell asleep. She still wiggled a lot, but she definitely seemed happier in bed next to us.

Lucy still isn't hungry. I made up her usual breakfast this morning (French cut green beans, ground beef, and Wellness) and she just sniffed it and left it.

I needed to give her a pain pill, and I knew it was going to take something really special to get her to eat it. Cheese didn't work. Peanut Butter didn't work. Beef didn't work... I had no idea what I was going to do when I remembered the pepperoni roll in the fridge. That worked!

Lucy's all curled up with her puppy and the spider and she seems to be sound asleep. Every once and a while, she looks over at me to make sure I'm still here, and of course, I go over and pet her and give her lots of kisses! I feel so bad that my little boxer baby isn't feeling well!


  1. Lucy looks so comfy - Im glad she is home and yall get to spend the day together.
    Hope she feels better soon - wags and kisses to sweey Lucy.

    Kari, Fred and Haylie

  2. oh, the baby.
    I am in for it next month. It has been a long time since I have had a puppy get spayed.Reading your story, I might just right now go ahead and plan at least one day off so I can baby my baby.
    Get well, pitiful Lucy!I hope the humans spoil the stuffin's out of you today.
    Playing hooky with a snuggly soft pitiful pup is the best way to spend a hot day, I say.

  3. oh no! I hope Lucy gets to feeling better real soon... we need to figure out if we are going to breed Oliver or neuter him... like soon. Send Lucy lots of love for a speedy recovery and you some love to get through this - it's tough being a puppy parent, I swear when Oliver hurts, I HURT!

  4. Poor Lucy! I hope she feels better soon!

  5. Poor little baby! Glad she's being well taken care of during her recovery. :)

  6. I remember when we had to spay my dog back home and I had to take her now anytime I go to put her into the kennel she finds a way to hurt me. Not intentionally but she's afraid of going through that pain again. Poor babies but they are just to darn cute!

  7. Poor Lucy! But, I'm sure that under your care, she'll be feeling like herself in no time. At least the hardest part is now behind you!

  8. Oh, poor little Lucy. I'm so glad Kassie was already fixed when we got her. She is super cute though. She's working your sympathy for all it's worth. Smart girl. I bet jumping on the bed hurt too much. I'm glad you thought to pick her up. She needed her mommy.

  9. Our Lucy was pitiful too but we took very good care of her. She wimpered and looked drunk and slept VERY hard. Your Lucy looks pretty cozy.

  10. Poor baby! Hopefully she'll heal up soon and be as good as new. At least you can bring her to work with you and keep an eye on her.

  11. I hope your baby feels better soon! I am a new follower through WW and would love for you to follow me back at:


  12. Oh, that last picture is precious! Don't worry, she'll forget all about the pain, and although Lucy would have adorable puppies, there are plenty out there already looking for homes, right? Besides, this is a great excuse to fuss over her! :)