Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm A Bad, Bad Human!

I've been guilty of it before, but I thought I had the situation under control until this morning. I have in the past, had a tendency to let Lucy get away with something that she's not really supposed to be doing in the interest of snapping a really darling picture. I've worked so hard the last month or so to try to be the "strong human" and immediately correct her rather than running for the camera.

This morning, Lucy and I were on the deck, I was drinking coffee and Lucy was playing with a bone when the neighbor started cutting his grass. The sliding glass door was open and I didn't think anything of it when Lucy went flying in the house. When I went in, I couldn't find her. I figured she had gone upstairs to explore, but upon further investigation, I found Lucy on the couch (where she's not allowed to be), looking out the window, watching the neighbor on the tractor. Lucy's fascinated by tractors, but I never expected her to make this connection between the living room window and the neighbor on the tractor!

I admit, all I could think was "Where is my camera?" I'm living proof that even the strongest willed of people will eventually slip up when there's a boxer in the midst of something way too cute to resist capturing.

To the best of my knowledge, Lucy has never been on that couch before, and I have no idea what made her decide that this was going to be the morning to try it out. She seems to be doing a lot of the "testing the waters" thing, just to see what she can get away with the last couple of days. I don't think I've ever said the word "NO" so many times in one day!

For the last 2 days, Lucy has been completely crazy about playing fetch with her squeaky gator toy and her Daddy! (And her Daddy is quite thrilled that Lucy is taking an interest in fetching- even if it isn't a tennis ball!)

Yesterday morning, she would bring the gator up to the hot tub and her Daddy would tease her with it a little bit and then toss it out to the yard for Lucy to go get it. Lucy would jump down off the step, run out into the yard, and she would come running right back with it and they would go through the whole thing again.

I wasn't the least bit surprised when Lucy appeared on the deck this morning with her dirty little gator in her mouth, and her little butt wiggling. She didn't drop it at my feet, but she did let me take it from her, play with her a bit and throw it out into the yard.

I nearly had a heart attack when Lucy dived off the edge of the deck (it's 48 inches off the ground!) instead of taking the stairs, but she got the gator and brought him back to me- and didn't seem the least bit stunned after her swan dive into the yard. There's just never a dull moment- good thing I hadn't just taken a sip of coffee or I probably would have choked!

We're at work now, Lucy's sound asleep on her dog bed! She had a busy morning, and so did I. Do you think anyone would notice if I curled up right next to my little boxer and caught a few zzzz's? Probably!


  1. Nap time is very important!

    Sam and Pippen

    PeeS. Thanks for stopping by on the hop!

  2. My dog has a lot of weird fears that keeps her from doing a lot of bad habits. She has never been on my furniture or bed. She doesn't chew on things. Sometimes we think she's weird but mostly I'm thankful for the easier dog. I love to hear about Lucy's antics. Do you live near a beach? I bet Lucy would love the beach. My Kassie sure loves it.

  3. So happy to have found you! It is a pleasure to meet you! I found you through the Saturday Blog Hop!
    We had a boxer when I was a very little girl (her name was Brandy) she was a fabulous dog!
    My Dad, many years later got another boxer named Kasha (when he retired in Florida). They have both since passed but boxers are the most playful and fun dogs!! So loving and sensitive!
    I love them!
    Your Lucy is adorable!

  4. Naa..Nobody would notice ;) We have a dogs off the furniture rule too, but our older dogs have it all figured out- they wait till we leave or at night while we are sleeping to get up there- how do I know they do it? Because the huge throw pillows that are on our catch are either really messy or on the floor. How can you punish them when you cannot catch them doing it? Answer- You Cant! :)

  5. Lucy Lou,

    Tells your mom to stop being worried bouts a jump from 48 inches, she aint seen nuttin' yet! ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. Oh, jumping is no big thing! I'll bet your mom is in for a lot more surprises, Lucy!

    I say, take a nap when you need it!


  7. We cats think nap time should be mandatory for all!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  8. Happy blog hop!

    My mom can relate. I've got her totally trained. She takes lots of pictures when she's supposed to be telling me "no." *snickers*

  9. That sounds like a lot of adventure for one day. Lucy isn't the only one testing her limits - Marge, who has lived here for two years, decided to venture up the second-story stairs to watch us folding laundry. She knows she's not allowed up there, but just couldn't help herself from taking a look!

  10. Hi - found you on the blog hop too! Lucy, I find it is way more fun not to bring the toy back. Makes the humans go nuts and sometimes they chase you. Just sayin'. Yoda smooches to you and your family!

  11. I find myself allowing my dogs to do things I know they shouldn't be too. But they're just too cute and I feel bad when I yell at them!

  12. It's awful hard to discipline when your dog is just so darn cute!

  13. Hey Marianne- Thanks so much for following "Doing It With Grace". I'm following you and Ms. Lucy too. She's a beauty and a great reason to smile. Keep up the good woof!

  14. WE run this household. Everything revolves around us! That couch will be Lucy's before long.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  15. She such a sweetie!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  16. What a BEAUTIFUL dog!!!!! Picture perfect. LOVE the alligator! Thanks for stopping by and for the follow. Nice to meet you!!


  17. Blogger is giving me fits and won't display the followers widget! I have this happen so much. What is UP with that? I'll be back to click on your follow tab. Should be back up soon!

  18. Hi Marianne - Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Lucy is such a pretty dog. Love the picture of her with her gator!

  19. I'm with you! Cuteness trumps trouble! I love the white blade going up her nose - too cute. And when dogs have their ears flopped over like that third pic? I melt.

  20. Oh how adorable My little Beckaroo has the same toy....err...or had........from what I understand both eyes have been removed by her while I have been away......grrrrrrrrr.TY so much for hopping by during th blog hop..........your boxer is too cute!!!!

    Nancy & the menagerie

  21. Looks like you two are having a blast! Gators are great aren't they? as long as they're stuffed of course ;)

    Keep on fetchin,

  22. Cute pic on the couch... sometimes it's so hard to tell them no when a cute photo op presents itself! :)