Monday, August 2, 2010

Admirer Monday Blog Hop

Whew! Monday is finally here! I made it through another very long weekend, and I'm exhausted! But not too tired to make new friends and have some fun with a blog hop! This is our first "Admirer Monday!"

Question of the Week: If you could live in any era of time which would you live in? I've always loved the charm, grace and beauty of what I will call the "Gone With The Wind" era. Everything was so elegant and proper back then from the clothing, the homes right down to the dishes! It's never been hard to imagine myself in amazing silk ball gowns with feathers in my hair, and darnit- it just all looked so romantic. Most men in this lifetime have never even heard the word "woo" much less know what it means or how to do it!

#1 You must follow the first three blogs. Heavenly Savings, Giveaway Blogdom, and Congrats to #22 Shining 2 Save for being our winner in the drawing for the #3 spot! If you are a new follower YOU MUST leave a comment letting us know you follow us! Also please leave your BLOG ADDRESS so we know what blog to follow in return!

#2 You do not have to create a blog post, but to be in the drawing for the number three spot which we will choose by each week you must have our button displayed on your blog. Either in a post or on the sidebar!

#3 Please follow as many blogs as you like but more importantly please follow back the blogs that follow you!

#4 If your blog is an adult blog it MUST be clearly marked in your blog headline.

#5 Enjoy meeting New admirers!

** This Linky will reset every Sunday night at 9:45 pm MST. So check back every Sunday to join us each week for Admirer Monday!


  1. I haven't actually seen that movie but I agree, love stuff from that era! Which begs the question, why haven't I seen the movie? I haven't a clue, honestly!

  2. You definitely have to see that movie. I've seen the movie several times, and read and reread the books!