Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lucy & Duke's New Talking Ball

One of the favorite toys in our home recently had to be retired and since it was the kids favorite- I sent out in search of another one just like it. What I found wasn't identical, and it makes crazy farm animal sounds, but it's great at entertaining my boxers! Have a look...

They get so wound up with this toy that their mama has to put it up after a couple hours to save what little is left of her sanity... And we don't dare drop this "obnoxiously noisy" toy on the ground when Daddy's here!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Long Blogging Absence...

I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since I've blogged regularly! I guess I know now for sure one of the things that I am missing! In my defense, the past 2 months have held lots of changes for our household... A move to Orlando, a wedding for Lucy & Duke's Humans, and a new job for Mama! Lucy and Duke are holding up fantastically... it would seem that the adjustments are harder for their humans!
Lucy was a big help- or should I say, she was a great supervisor. She made sure that her mama packed up each and every one of her toys. Not that she helped by putting them all in one place or anything of that nature- she just made sure that they all made it into the box marked "LUCY & DUKE"!
My friend, Karen accompanied Lucy, Duke and I on the 2 day drive to Orlando. The boxers held up well- and were very understanding of their new surroundings- especially when I tossed out their favorite toy- The Babble Ball!
It's rather surprising that Lucy is the only pup that has decided the big white chair in our living room is the best place to hang out. As a matter of fact, every time Lucy hops up there and makes herself comfortable- Duke looks at her like she's not supposed to be up there! Even though our lives have changed in many ways, I can still count on Lucy and Duke to be themselves! They are just as snuggly and funny as they ever were...

And since I'm sure that you all caught that there was a wedding... Here are a few pictures from our wonderful day! It couldn't have been more perfect and we had a fabulous day!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meet Caley! .... Caley's Story

Orlando, FL - The benign email from a shelter about a "skinny dog" did little to prepare a volunteer for one emaciated Boxer's condition.

Florida Boxer Rescue pulled Caley from the shelter where she had been housed after being picked up as a stray.

When Caley first arrived, she was crawling in fleas - so many fleas, in fact, that it took two treatments to kill them all.

The ailing Boxer was also found to be anemic (thanks in part to the blood-sucking fleas) and dehydrated.

In a word, Caley was a mess.

Technically, since Caley was just saved from the shelter, she is still a mess - though her many issues are currently being addressed at a veterinary clinic.

By tomorrow, tests which are being run on this suffering dog should reveal if Caley has an underlying problem, or if she was purposefully starved.

The Florida Boxer Rescue has set up a donation page for Caley - something to help off-set the many expenses which will be associated with saving her life.

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