Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lucy's Take... Joyful Sunday & A Sunday Blog Hop

My mama was talking a lot about toilet paper this morning. She tolds me that life is like a roll of toilet paper, da closer you's get to da end of da roll, the faster it goes. I haves no idea what she meant, but it's seemed like it was important. I don'ts know much about toilet paper, and I don'ts really tink I have dat great of concept of time! All I knows is dat when my hooman isn't around, time just seems to drip by! I'ves never played with toilet paper, but it sure looks like fun!

Mommy's lettin me make a joyful list today! Isn't dat great?

I's so excited to have my own joyful list! I'ms a pretty happy puppy and der are lots of tings dad make my little nub start wiggling! Mom says I needs to just pick 2. I gets a big kick outs of ripping tags off of tings. I don't knows what it is, dey just don't belong there, and I luvs removin them! Dis morning, I worked really hard on removin da tag from my dog bed. I didn't gets it da whole way off, but I got a good start!

You oughta see my backs yard! It's wonderful! There are all kinds tings for me to play with der, and I can always find a new adventure in my yard. Its has a big, tall fence arounds it, and sometimes there are chipmunks on dat fence. I luvs to chase them around da yard. I don'ts know why dey run from me, but it's fun to try to catch them! I luvs tuggin on tree branches and big weeds, and there are lots of those out der too. And on one side of da yard is dis really tall grass, Mom calls it Pampas grass, it's great to play in! And I's always draggin my toys outside to play with. When Mommy cuts da grass she lets me chase da tractor- Daddy doesn't allows me to do that. I luvs my yard!

Do you's all know what yams and sweet potatoes are? Well, Mommy says dey are vegetables, and dat dey are very good for me. Dis mornin, and last night for dinners I had sweet potatoes with my kibble! Dey are so good! Yams, sweet potatoes, and green beans are my favorite veggies!

Don't tells my hooman dat I tolds you dis, but da last time she's went to da grocery store, she bought some sweet potatoes, and I'm nots sure why, but she put dem in da freezer. I don't tink she meant to do dat, but sometimes, I tink my hooman is pretty tired and her brain don't works da way it's sposed to! They still tasted pretty good, so I guess it turned outs all right!

I'ms supposed to tell you all about the blog hop that we're takin part in. It's hosted by Lucas's Journey With Sensory Processing Disorder. Mom says to go on over and link up to make some new friends. We just love makings new friends!


  1. Don't tell anyone, but I just shared my sweet potato with my pups last night. They loved it!

    We gave you an award! Stop by our blog to pick it up!

  2. THis is hilarious! We are your newest followers and love your blog!

  3. very sweet! reminded me of a cute story about TP when my daughter was young... if she doesn't sensor it, I think I will make it a future feature on my blog :)
    new follower from the Sunday summer social

  4. Oh the joys of unraveling a roll of toilet paper! And the pain of rolling it back up!


  5. My Shiver likes to chew too. He's gotten better as he's gotten older though but I'm still cautious with him.

    I love that picture of the dog with all that toilet paper.

  6. We've been there and done this so often!! It's really the simple things in life that give our pups so much joy, isn't it?? I sometimes wonder why I bother buying them anything...But then I see Sheba carrying around a stuffed toy and how sweet she looks, and I remember!
    I LOVE the fun new look of your blog too!!!

  7. Oh my goodness! Your blog is cute too! I love Lucy! My husband and I have a story like this. But we have a kitty who mended our hearts! See you around!

  8. We've been drying sweet potatoes for our Lucy. They turn out kind of like a rawhide. They get her chewing good and she loves them! You should try it!

  9. I love the kids! We have had Boxers my whole life...We currently also have a Tibetian Terrier...What a brood! Best of health and everything for the kids and humans!