Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's Sunday...A Joyful Sunday To Be Exact!

It's Sunday! My favorite day of the week! I awoke this morning to sunshine, birds chirping happily, and a boxer trying to nibble on my ear! Does it get any better than that? Now, I'm sitting here, drinking a cup of coffee (out of my Wiggle Butts Club Mug) working on my Joyful post...

Rob Is One Day Closer to Being Home!
On Friday, Lucy and I dropped Rob at the Pittsburgh Airport so he could fly to Houston. (Lucy didn't quite understand why we were leaving the airport without Daddy, or why Mommy was so upset!) Yesterday afternoon, Lucy's Daddy/My Darling Fiance got in the truck that he flew out there to pick up and left Houston for Chattanooga, TN. He should be there sometime this morning, where he'll rest up before picking up furniture tomorrow morning and then heading back to Pittsburgh- arriving late Monday night!

I'm not only glad that he'll be home soon, but glad that it's been a good trip for him. Of course, I worry when he's out on the road. I know he pushes too hard and gets tired, and I'm always glad when he arrives here safely- usually looking like a mountain man- but that's okay! Just so he's home!

"We miss you baby!"

My Wiggle Butts Club Mug!
This is such a silly little habit I have. Ever since I acquired this mug, I have refused to drink coffee out of anything else when I am at home. I don't know what it is about the mug- it's probably the concept of the mug more than the mug itself. I love my boxers little wiggle butt, and every time I see this mug, I think about that little wiggle butt. I really enjoy drinking coffee out of this mug!

The Singing Birds In Our Yard!
For me there is nothing happier than waking up to a ton of birds happily chirping away in our backyard. They've been out there singing their little song for hours, and they just sound so wonderful and really, really joyful! Have you ever noticed how birds don't usually sound angry? Every once in a while, you'll hear a mean cry, but for the most parts birds always sound happy. Why can't humans be that way?

Shoe Therapy!
I just love a great pair of shoes. Nothing like a beautiful shoe to make you feel more alive, stand taller and feel instantly 10 pounds thinner. I have a whole collection of these amazingly uplifting shoes, and some days all it takes is slipping one shoe on to make me feel 100 times better!

Lucy's Lightening Bolt!
My little boxer has a white lightening bolt that runs the whole way down the back of her head, down her neck. I just love this beautiful marking and it always makes me smile because it's so unique!

I'm also very thankful that Lucy did well with her "operation" this week and seems to be feeling better and healing nicely! She's not even itching or scratching her incision. Keeping her still and out of trouble is a big challenge- but we can do it!

The Bumblebee!
Last night after I got home from work, I jumped in the boxter, (AKA The Bumblee) and took her out for a little joyride! There is nothing better after a long day than feeling the wind in your hair and zipping along tree lined, windy roads. It's guaranteed to bring a smile to your face... And did I mention how great it feels to really be flying along those roads?

I Had A Great Day Yesterday!
The economy has sucked the life out of the furniture business over the last two years, so when I have a great day of sales, like I did yesterday, I feel extremely grateful and joyful. I ran like crazy yesterday, but I sold a bunch of furniture and had a great Saturday. Would it be too much to ask to have it continue today? I just love selling things!

And that folks, is my second edition of "Joyful Sunday"! I feel blessed that I have so many things to be joyful for in my life...


  1. Woohoo, it sounds like you are a natural saleswoman - congrats!

    I am jealous of your car!

    That mug is too cute - I love pups with wiggly butts.

  2. I so agree, a good pair of shoes can make me weak in the knees for days!