Friday, August 6, 2010

Second Edition: Thank You Very Much Thursday, But On Friday!

My little boxer baby was definitely feeling more like herself last evening, and even more so this morning. She and I played together a little bit last night, and when her Daddy came home, she was back to being darling, sitting up so pretty it made my head spin, in attempt to get him to share his pizza. It worked! (I remember saying before Lucy came home that we weren't going to feed her table scraps, I guess I wasn't counting on the look that Lucy was going to give us being so convincing...because that didn't last very long at all!)

It's so great to have my baby back at work with me, and of course, I feel a lot better knowing that she's feeling better. I can't stand to hear her cry!

Lucy is really enjoying her new collar and I think she looks just adorable in it, or maybe it's all of the attention that her new collar is getting her. This morning, when we got to the store, all of her buddies next door were checking it out, and everyone she's met today has noticed her pretty green collar and commented on it. She's got a certain pose since I've put that collar around her little neck, it's like she knows she's beautiful! It's pretty funny, I think my boxer is getting to be vain. But, then when you've got people telling you all the time how beautiful you are, it's rather easy to get a swelled head!

She spotted her boyfriend out playing in the yard last night and it broke my heart that she sat at the window whimpering, and I couldn't take her out to play. "I'm so sorry, Lucy!"

Can anyone who's a bird expert tell me what kind of bird this is? I spotted this lovely bird in the back yard yesterday and was so excited that it sat still long enough for me to run and get the camera, walk out to the yard and snap it's picture. Isn't it beautiful, I just love that red speck on it's neck.

I've always adored birds, and lately it seems that we've got a ton of very beautiful birds in our yard. We have a feeder in the front yard, which I am terrible at keeping filled. It seems like it only takes about 24 hours for the birds to empty that darn thing out, there must be a lot more birds than what I think there are.

Last Thursday I made a post entitled "Thank You Very Much", and it felt great to vent about all of the things that had gotten me going over the past week. But, last night when I sat down to vent, I came up empty and all I could come up with things that I genuinely had to say "Thank You Very Much" for. So, my "Thank You Very Much" post for this week, is going to have a completely different spin on it...

Thank You Very Much to Dr. Mary and her wonderful staff at Pine Village Veterinarian for not only for always taking such great care of my little Lucy, but for being such a wonderful, compassionate and caring place to take our pets and for the special care and attention that you give to the humans as well!

Thank You Very Much to my sweet neighbor Julie who baked us a loaf of pepperoni roll and delivered it still warm. I've just recently developed a pepperoni addiction, and I was so touched by this "just because" gesture, and the pepperoni bread was awesome!

Thank You Very Much to my sweet little mother who is always helping me out with little things... Yesterday, she printed out an email that we needed and faxed it to us because we didn't have a printer and saved me from having to spend an hour driving to have it printed out. You're the best Mom! Thanks for putting up with all of your daughters odd requests.

Thank You Very Much to all of the retailers who have decided that my birthday deserves lots of great coupons. I am enjoying receiving all of the birthday cards filled with great discounts from all my favorite shopping places!

Thank You Very Much to my darling fiance who said the sweetest thing to me this morning! It just made my day...

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. She is so beautiful! Glad Lucy is feeling better... we had to take Oliver to the emergency vet yesterday because he hurt his foot... right after I posted about it hurting me when he hurts... I think I jinxed myself!

  2. That little bird has a beak like a hummingbird, but it really looks too big to be one.

    Feel better, Lucy!

  3. Glad to hear Lucy is feeling much better. I am dreading the 17th...Minnie gets her operation then.

    Where did you find Lucy's collar?

  4. Lucy has those eyes that are sooo hard to resist. Believe me, there will be table scraps, cookies, treats at the vet, and from friends and strangers alike. I'm glad she's feeling better.--Inger

  5. OMGosh, Lucy is adorable and I just love her name!! I've always wanted a pet named Lucy. She's a beautiful boxer that's for sure.

    I stumbled onto you through New Friend Friday. I just started my first linky party, scheduled for each Friday...Furry Friends Friday. Since you seem to be an animal lover I thought you might like to share Lucy with others=))

    Take care and have a great weekend=)

  6. Your mystery bird is called a male Northern Flicker. It's a woodpecker. We have them in our area also.

    Glad Lucy is feeling better and looking snazzy in her new collar. Your thank you very much was very sweet. It's kind of nice not having a reason to vent. Have a good day.

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!! Your dog is SOOO cute...I hope she feels better! I love boxers!! :)

  8. Well, you really can't blame Lucy for getting a big head about looking so pretty in her new collar. She really does look gorgeous!

  9. Grady & I say thanks for stopping by! Lucy is such a pretty girl and that collar really suits her!!

  10. I think that's a woodpecker! We've got lots around here.

    Glad Lucy is feeling a bit better!

  11. Lucy looks great her in new collar! Love it! xo- karrie