Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2 Boxers, 1 Fenced Yard, Tons of Fun!

If you've never seen two boxer play, you're missing out! Last night, my neighbor and Job's Human, Athena volunteered to take Lucy and Job for a walk. When it became clear that the two boxers had more interest in having a boxer brawl than going for the walk, I offered to take the kids and set them loose in our yard!

Just look at these two kids! Job is about a year and a half old, and he's not that much bigger than my little boxer baby. I can tell already, Lucy's gonna be bigger than he is. Can you tell they're smiling, or is that my imagination?

These two boxers are very well matched, they run, tumble and play very well with one another. They run at about the same speed, and I love watching them run side by side all over the yard.

And more often than not, my little Lucy is more than happy to let Job have the upper hand! She doesn't seem to mind Job pouncing on her one bit!

Lucy's so happy to have a boxer playmate. She's been out of commission since her spaying, and this is the first time the two have been allowed to play together. "I's is so happy you's came to play, Job! Do you's like my yard?"

This is the best picture I got of Job all night. Photographing two moving boxers is no easy task. They don't stay still very long when they've got an opportunity to rumble. Isn't he a handsome boy? I just adore him, and so does Lucy!

"You's looks like you could use a hugs, Job!"... Lucy's so smitten with this beautiful brindle that her eyes are glowing green! Must be the boxer look of love!

"Come back, Job! I wanna play wits you some more! Where'd ya go?"

This is my favorite picture from the play date! I just love that these two can rumble like two champs and then tire out and snuggle on up to each other. The contrast between the brindle and the fawn is also quite beautiful!

Lucy tried to show Job the best way to cool off, but he just looked at her like she'd lost her mind. He wanted no part of dunking in Lucy's puppy pool.

And so there you have it. The best way to tire out two young boxers, and have an entertaining evening for the humans is to let them loose together in a fenced in yard and let them play to their hearts content. I'm so happy that my Lucy has such a great friend, and I have a feeling that we'll be seeing lots of Job from this point on!


  1. It is always so much fun to see two dogs play. You can tell that these two really like each other (and, yes, we think they are smiling).

  2. It look's like Lucy & Job where having all kinds of fun!! So glad they were finally able to play and let loose ;) And yes, it looked like Job & Lucy where smiling ;)

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  4. Super cute! I have always wanted a boxer - thought my big guy was going to have more boxer in him when we adopted him as a puppy, but not quite. There is not a thing better than happy puppies playing, and then happy puppies sleeping :)
    Sorry, had to delete. There was a typo, and my English teacher brain was freaking out :)

  5. That's wonderful that Lucy has a friend!

    There are several chi's in my neighborhood but I don't really know the people who own them so I never thought to get our pups together for a playdate.

  6. Nothin' like two pups tuckering each other out! Too cute!

  7. so glad Lucy has a willing playmate! Our bulldog baby thinks that our 7 year-old Dalmatian is a live toy and pounces on her and chews on her until the Dalmatian has to show her who's boss.