Monday, August 9, 2010

Lucy's Take... How I Got My Name

I's asked my Hooman da other day why she named me Lucy. And dis is da story she tolds me:

My Hooman: "When I was in my twenties, Lucy, I got so tired of watching tv shows and news that was depressing. And one day, I stumbled upon a channel that all kinds of great television shows from the 50's and 60's. They were all in black and white, and they were so funny! I laughed so hard! I'm pretty sure if I remember right, I was home sick with a really bad head cold."

Me: "I'ms so glads you got over your cold. But, wasn't da 50's likes a long times ago? Why's was you watchin such old shows?"

My Hooman: "Yes, you're right, Lucy. It was a long time ago. Long before I was even born. Your Grandma would have been a kid it was so long ago. Anyway, there were several tv shows that I enjoyed, but there was one that could always make me laugh, and it was called 'I Love Lucy' I couldn't get enough of her. I watched those old shows because they were funny and lighthearted and nothing else that was on at the time was! Someday, maybe we'll watch an old episode of 'I Love Lucy'."

Me: "Dat sounds like fun- I's luvs to watch tv. But why's couldn't you gets enuff, ma??"

My Hooman: "Well, Lucy- the main character of the show had a way of always getting her self into trouble, kind of like you. She was always getting into one predicament after another. Watching her get herself out of trouble was the best part of it. And no matter how much trouble she got into, she always seemed to be giggling."

Me: "Dat part abouts always gettin in troubles doesn't sound good."

My Hooman: "Well, just like you, Lucy, she couldn't seem to help herself. It just seemed that trouble always found the Lucy in the tv show- just like trouble always seems to find you."

Me: "How's did you know dat I was always gonna be's gettin into to trouble when you's named me Lucy?"

My Hooman: "Aww, I didn't know that Lucy. I just know that when I saw your sweet little face for the first time that you were definitely a Lucy. There was just something about you. I had no idea that you would do such a great job of living up to your namesake."

Me: "Do I's really get in dat much trouble, Mom? I tries so hard to be a good lil puppy!"

My Hooman: "I know you do, Lucy! Trouble just seems to find you, just like it found Lucy in 'I Love Lucy'... But don't worry, I still love you, and wouldn't have it any other way!"

... And den I gaves my hooman a big kiss as she pulled out my photo albums n reminded me of some of mys adventures!

Me: "But, I's just bein a boxer, ma! I was just playin!"

My Hooman: "I know Lucy! I know! It's okay!" And she planted a big smooch on da top of my head. I guessin I's picked da right hooman, cause no matter how many scrapes I's gets into, no matters how much mud I drags into da house, or how manys messes I make, she still luvs me just da same. And she's never makes me pays for da vet bills, either. If she didn't luvs me a bunch, I'ms sure she would've been handin over da bill by now. She said sometin da other day abouts me getting a job... I guess I's better be on my best behaviours!


  1. Lucy - thanks for sharing how you got your name with us.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  2. So sweet! I love the "all kind of trouble" photos. Makes ya just wanna hug her up!

  3. Oh how interesting!
    Did the troubles always find you Lucy?
    And no matter how much trouble you got into, you always seemed to be giggling, is it true?
    Keep living up to your namesake, Lucy Lou!
    (I don't know how I got my name Mango, hehe)

  4. Great story! I enjoyed learning how Lucy got her name... seems like a perfect fit. :)

  5. Lucy Lou!!

    Mom and me thought thats how you might have gotten your name and we was right!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. Your name fits you perfectly Lucy. Lucy on TV didn't only get into trouble, but she made people laugh and feel good too. I bet that's part of why your Ma loves Lucy!

  7. What a cute story! I LOVE I Love Lucy!! Such greatness!!


  8. I wondered why you chose the name Lucy for your adorable boxer and now I know why! Thanks for sharing the story! Who doesn't love Lucille Ball ... or your Lucy, for that matter?!

  9. I knew it....your name comes from the show! Well, Dad new it, I never saw the show.


  10. Lucy-you iz so sweet to share the talk with your hooman, and how you gotz your name. My hooman knew dat.

  11. Ahhh, so cute! Look at that pink little nose!

  12. You're even kind of a redhead like that other Lucy! Mom says Grandma still cracks up laughing just thinking about certain episodes of I Love Lucy, like the one with the chocolate factory! I think you got a good name!


  13. Awww, Lucy, I once named a dog BANDIT! Oh, boy, did I get what I asked for. He was a Bandit thru and thru, he never saw piece of food he wouldn't steal, and once he ate up my WALLET and the $12.00 in it. But he ended up being our most beloved dog, so you don't have to worry if you are just a little bit bad. You mommy will love you forever too. That much is clear.--Inger

  14. That's a great story about how you got your name!

    Awhile back, I worked with a guy whose wife was pregnant with their first child. They settled on the name Lucy for her. I really didn't care for the name at the time but it actually kind of grew on me. Now I think it's a really cute name!

  15. Wow! My momma really likes I love Lucy! That is a pretty name!

    ~tell your momma i like her blog very much!