Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lucy's Take...The Return Of The Big Ball

My mums left da house pretty early dis mornin. She put me in my kennel n she tolds me she would be right back. And so I waited... And waited... And I waited. Finallys, I heards da garage door go up, n Mommy came flyin in the house. She didn't looks too happy. But, shes was sure happy to see my little wiggle butt.

Lucy: "What's da matter mom?"

My Human: "You wouldn't believe my morning, Lucy! First I couldn't get into the post office to mail those letters out, then I got caught in the rain, and got drenched, and then I locked my keys in the car and had to call your Dad to come bring me my key, and he was an hour away!"

Lucy: "I'ms sorry Mum! I'm glad you're homes now!"

My Human: "Me too, Lucy! And I've got 2 surprises for you!"

Lucy: "For me? Whats are dey?"

My Human: "I'll show you in a bit Lucy- let's wait for it to stop raining, okay?"

And so I waited... And waited... And waited. And I watched Mommy painting. I trieds to help her, buts she said I was just making a mess n she said something about paint all over my ear. I don'ts tink dats a good ting!

N finally, da rains stopped!

"Wow, Mom! Is dat big ball for me? It's not purple, but I's guess it'll do."

"Okay, maybe it'll be okay. Dis is a pretty color too!"

"I'ms not real sure about da girly stuff on here. Did you have to get all dis stuff on it, Ma?"

"Okay, I'll see what da girly balls got, but I's gotta stretch first. Is dat okay?"

"Whoa! Da girly balls got motion! Kick it again, Ma!"

"I'm gonna get yous stupid ball!"

"Here's I come..."


"Dat ball was lots of fun! But, it's hot out here!"

"Oh, I feels so much better now!"

...N dat my friends is how you play wit da big ball, n whys I missed it so much! Thanks Mom for bringing me a new ball! N in case yous is wonderin, my second surprise is a big meat bone, buts I haven't gotten its yet, Mummy says I haves to be a good puppy!! Yummy I can hardly waits! Sometimes, it's okays for my hooman to go away!


  1. That's a big green ball Lucy! I can tell your human luvs you very very much!

    Lookin for your big meat bone ;)

  2. Picture of the month: Lucy straddling the ball!

  3. All is right with the world again now that you have another big ball. :) I love that picture of you standing over it.

    Sorry your mama wouldn't let you help paint. I recently painted my bedroom wall and my boys tried to help me too. I didn't let them help either because they seemed to just be more of a hinderance than anything else. I wouldn't doubt if I have dog hair mixed in with the paint! Don't know if your mom was painting a picture or a wall but I can certainly understand that she preferred to do it on her own.

  4. Love that great ball Lucy!! So glad your momma got you another one. You were so sad the day you lost your big purple one. Have lots of fun!!

  5. Looks like that ball was just the trick..Have fun Sweet Lucy!

    Chi Kisses,

  6. We have never had one of those, but that big ball looks like a blast.

  7. Great post! Lucy is adorable as always!