Monday, July 5, 2010

Lucy's 5 Months Old!

Our little boxer turned 5 months yesterday! Funny, it seems like just yesterday I was counting down the hours till I could go get her and bring her home. And she was so tiny- but she isn't tiny any more! Rob keeps saying how big her head is getting, which I don't see, but I'm sure he's right. All I know is that these past 3 months with Lucy have flown right by, and I'm sure we'll be celebrating her 1st birthday before we even know it. It's only taken that little darling 3 months to capture our hearts, and the hearts of most everyone she meets. There is definitely something very special about a boxer!

Lucy loves to be everywhere that we are, and even more than that, loves to be a huge part of whatever it is her Mommy or Daddy are doing right at the moment. So, we do our very best to involve her in as many of our daily activities as possible. She goes to work with me every day, walks with me when I take out the trash, and sometimes she even helps me pull out the furniture. At home, if I'm putting dishes in the dishwasher, Lucy's helps with pre-rinsing. When I'm loading clothes into the washing machine, Lucy's shaking them out to make sure we don't run Daddy's bluetooth through the wash for 25th time. When I get groceries, Lucy is more than happy to help drag the bags in and pull everything out of the bags. She would even help dispose of the bags and the food in them, if her Mama would let her!

I wasn't the least bit surprised when earlier this week, Lucy decided to help her Daddy with the weedwacker. As soon as she figured out he needed help, she was right there by his side. Anything that involves string is of great fascination to my little boxer, as is anything that involves her Daddy. And it would seem that after 3 months with us, Lucy has figured out that her humans need all the help they can get- even it is help from a boxer baby. "Good, Lucy"

I had such great plans for bright blooms and blossoms all over my deck. Unfortunately, I've never been much good at keeping blossoms going. (despite the fact that my Grandparents are what I would consider to be expert gardeners, this was not something that I inherited.) And while my little boxer likes to help with many things- keeping my lillies blooming is not something that's she interested in helping me with. This is probably the last of my lily blooms. For the last week, they have had a nice home, on top of the picnic table, but they suffered some boxer induced damage, and I'm not so sure they're going to recover.

As our little boxer grows (and that's a daily occurrence), as we predicted might happen, she get's faster than the shepherd. Of course, with every passing day, our aging shepherd seems to get slower. And because of the change in balance, the nature of the ball game has changed drastically. Lucy is getting very adept at retrieving the ball- half of which I will attribute to speed, and the other half to brains. There always seems to be some sort of "plan of attack" going on out there when the ball is on the ground. Lucy is very good at distracting Ceasar from distracting the ball. All of this, more often than not, leads to Lucy running away with the tennis ball. Poor Ceasar, half the time, he looks completely stunned to see Lucy running away with the prize in her mouth. (Of course, as is with Rob & I) all he sees is a blurr! Run, Lucy, Run!

Lucy has a definite ability to surprise. As I do most every morning, I was sitting on the deck, enjoying the sunshine and a cup of coffee. Both dogs were on the deck with me. I'm not sure what Lucy was doing, but out of nowhere, Lucy leaped the side arms of the rocking chair and landed on my lap. Once I got over the initial shock of having a 40 pound boxer land on my lap, I couldn't stop laughing. Lucy thought the whole thing was very interesting because she couldn't stop her butt from wiggling. Every time Lucy shocks me, she goes into serious wiggle mode, and this incident was no different. I have to wonder what I ever did to get my heart jump started in the morning before Lucy came along!

" Ugh, Lucy? Whatcha got there, little one? And even more importantly, how did you get it?" We recently made plan with Rob's sister's family to go see Tim Mc Graw & Lady Antebellum this coming Thursday night. (I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it!) Rob's niece dropped the money for the tickets off on Saturday afternoon. I had placed the money on my desk, and walked away when the phone started ringing. I don't know how Lucy got a hold of the money, or what inspired her to attempt to retrieve the money, but she managed to do it somehow. Not sure what it was about this cash, but I had a very difficult time getting it away from my little boxer! Maybe she thought if she hung on to it, we could go shopping!

" Ugh, Lucy? Whatcha got there, little one?" This seems to be a phrase that comes out of my mouth with Lucy on a regular basis. When I found Lucy in the yard with this "turtle" in her mouth, I nearly had heart failure. On first glance, all kinds of things went through my mind, including "oh poor turtle". On closer inspection, I was very, very relieved to find that the turtle Lucy was playing with, wasn't real. But, I have no clue where she found this turtle. All I know is, she is very good at finding things in our yard that we didn't know where there. I just wish she could find a diamond mine or something of that nature instead of all the junk that she's been dragging up on to our deck for the last 2 weeks.


  1. You would hardly know Lucy's age - she looks so mature. How do you count the age? In weeks or the date they were born? I count Ben's age in weeks.

  2. We're counting from the day she was born! She is a very calm, well behaved 5 month old puppy- but she certainly has her moments. After all, she's definitely a boxer!

    Wiggles & Giggles,
    Lucy Lou & Marianne

  3. Happy 5 Month Birfday Sweet Lucy Lou!!!

    I is 1 year and 5 days older than you!! My birfday is January 29, 2009!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS My mom wants to know what it is like to have a calm, well behaved 5 month old boxer puppy..hehehe. :)

  4. Happy 5, Lucy!

    You are a very resourceful little girl! I bets your mom with be much more carefuls after you snatched all those greenpapers! BOL!


  5. Happy Month day Lucy!!!
    ~Bubbles, Texas and Pompei

  6. Oh what a pretty baby girl!! Harry has a big crush on Lucy (Jackson, at 12 and a half years old, thinks she's hot, but too young for him!)