Monday, July 12, 2010

We're Swimming Now Baby!

Last night was a gorgeous evening, and armed with towels, swimming suits, and little Lucy's life jacket we headed down to the river. I'd been telling Lucy all day that we were going swimming, and couldn't wait to see how she did in the river with her new life jacket. I suited her up before we even got on the boat, feeling guilty knowing that the life jacket probably wasn't the coolest thing (tempreture wise) on the planet...

Once that beautiful orange life jacket went on Lucy, I think she knew what was going on, and she seemed pretty excited. She sat on my lap watching the water fly from the back of the boat with great interest, I always worry that she's going to decide that she needs to play in and make a dash off the back of the boat... Because even I've gotta admit, all of that spraying water looks wonderful- and I'm not a water person.

We always pick a spot to anchor where the water isn't that deep, because in case I haven't mentioned it, I don't know how to swim. I don't dare go in the water without a life jacket on, but I think Rob still feels better with me jumping into water that isn't 20 feet deep. Rob is always the first one in, then Lucy, then me. Her new life jacket has a handle on the top which makes it very easy to pick up the little bundle and plop her right in the water. She always immediately swims right to her Daddy, and then they swim away from the boat together, until I jump in, and then she comes right to me.

Neither one of us ever get more than a couple of feet away from her. And last night, she decided that it would be fun to climb on the back of Mommy- which in retrospect definitely wasn't the best of ideas... Both boxer and Human panicked and Daddy had to come to the rescue! Thanks Baby!

Lucy will swim for a while, and then decide she wants out of the water. Rob picks her up and sets her on the swim deck, and she climbs back up into the boat where she makes herself comfortable and watches Mommy & Daddy patiently in the water.

Her least favorite part of the whole swimming adventure is the part where she's wet. And once we got back on board last night, she did her crazy little wiggles all over the boat in an attempt at getting herself dry. I finally stopped laughing hard enough to set her up on the bow of the boat with her daddy to dry off. She couldn't wait to be dry!

I'm sure that she wasn't very happy that her Mommy was snapping her picture when she was all wet, and not at her best... But, she let me do it anyway!

I want so bad for Lucy to love being in the water as much as we do, so we're not pushing her. When she wants out, we pull her out. And if she doesn't seem like she wants to go in, we don't put her in. She seems to like it in small doses, although I'm sure that once she gets used to it, she's gonna love it! We may not be able to get her to come out of the water!

Rob and I love this new location where we've got the boat docked. It's a beautiful tree lined setting, and on Friday night, we spotted the most amazing sunset through the trees. There aren't a lot of other boats on the water, and those that are, are very respectful.

And did I mention, there's nice, clean bathrooms? That's very important...


  1. yay! what fun! My boston terrier got a new life jacket this summer and her confidence in swimming has gotten way better. But she rather just be on the top step of the pool and that's it. lol

  2. Hi Lucy small steps that's the way.
    Anyways I'm here to tell you you have won an award from me, for your post on dogs & ice. if you would like to accept it pop over to my blog. Its on the post I've won an award. It does come with some duties which I have put in Blue.
    See Yea George xxx

  3. Oh, well done Lucy. Sure she will be a water babe eventually. Swayze paddled in the sae while we were away camping but he didn't like the water splashing on him too much. He seemed to prefer the calmer streams at the back of the beach and the pools that came up to his belly :) x

  4. Pompei is not a water dog either, even though he's a "double retriever" :))
    He's all about wading but refusing to get into water that he can't see the bottom of :D

  5. Did you have fun Lucy? Small steps is a good idea. I have a pup that loves bathtubs, but hates sprinklers. And another just the opposite. Everyone is different!!

    Glad to see your mom and dad buy you a life jacket though. They want to keep you safe, and that's a very good thing.

  6. Good for Lucy for trying. I don't think we'd like the water much.....there's too much of it.

    Congratulations on the award!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. Lucy, I think you are furry brave. I would not want to get in the water even with a life jacket on! I don't fight mom when she gives us a bath, but I'm sure not a duck. BOL A boat ride on that purdy river would be nice though.


  8. Der's only so much water a Boxer-girl can stand! I knows! I likes da water but I don'ts. I likes it if it means me and Daddy's together.

    Lucy Mae

  9. oh sweet Lucy! Youz gots a lifejacket like me! But Iz hates da water...darn hoomans make me swim.