Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dog Park Fun & The Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop

We continued this morning with our vegetable experiment! Lucy had French cut (ooh, la, la) green beans with her Wellness dog food, and there wasn't a crumb left when she walked away from that bowl! "Good Lucy!" I don't know what I'm gonna try next, I'm thinking zucchini or squash!

Lucy & I are big fans of the dog park in Cranberry Township. I've been taking her there since she was about 12 weeks old and I think it's a real treat for her. Dog parks are a wonderful place for dogs to get a lot of exercise and interact with other dogs. And Lucy loves to make new friends. We went last night, and there were a lot of new dogs there! It never seems to matter that Lucy hasn't met a dog before, a quick sniff, sniff and they're off! "Good Lucy!"

I had some concerns about the visit to the dog park last night. Lucy hasn't been around other dogs since the day that our German Shepherd cut her eye, and a few people warned me that she could possibly have lasting memories of this event that could hinder her interaction with other dogs. Thankfully that was not the case, although she did seem a bit apprehensive... For about 2 seconds!

"I'm ready to go to the dog park, Mom! Get this vehicle moving!"

Lucy's newest friend, a 10 month old labrador! Look at the size of this pup! I couldn't believe that he was only 10 months old!

"Are you sure you're not a box-aroo, Lucy?"

Another new friend! This pretty boy is a boxer-bull! It's funny how Lucy can spot another boxer from a mile away, and instantly goes insane. She loves all dogs, but another boxer is just too much to resist... Even if he is part bull dog!

"I didn't get da ball, Ma! But, I'm runnin, does that count as fetch?"

"Okay, Dallas- I knows dis is your toy, I'm just gonna pick it up and run wit it, and you can chase me! How does dat sound?"

Dallas is a regular at the dog park and Lucy and he really love to play together!

"So, you's a Steelers fan, hugh? I guess since you're part boxer, I won't holds dat against you. But, it's a good ting you've got some boxer blood in ya!"

"Hey, Lucy! It's time to go!"
"I'm comin ma! Hang on!"

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  1. So cute! I love these photos--Lucy is a hoot. Where did you get the harness you put on her in the car? I've been looking for something like that for my pooch. :)

  2. I love reading your thoughts Lucy, you are such a clever girl! Hey, I did a movie review on my blog today about another dog named Lucy. She's a yellow-lab/hound mix, though. Sorry no boxer!

  3. Looks like a ton of fun and I'm glad she didn't have any apprehension about going to the park. I especially enjoyed the photo of Lucy playing with the boxer friend in the water. Too cute! :)

  4. Lucy it looks like you had tons of fun at the Dog park! Playing with friends is always a great time. We hope you are having a great Wednesday!

  5. I'm so glad you got to go to the dog park too! Looks like you made a lot of cool furiends there :)

    Waggin you on,

  6. Lucy Lou!

    What a fun fun day you had at the park!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. Ohhh what a fun doggie park!! Great way to stay cool in that big ole pool!

    woo woos, Tessa

  8. Lucy, you are such a cutie!! I love playing with the big dogs. Even if it does give momma a heart attack every once in awhile!! Thanks for coming by to visit. I can't wait to get to know you better!! Making new friends is always so fun.

    I love my green beans!! I get them every night with dinner. They're the best. Carrots are really good too and I love my fruits!!!



  9. I love the pictures of Lucy! She looks like she had a lot of fun!!


  10. great pics! Looks like Lucy has a blast at dog parks!! i can't wait to bring Reuben to his first day at the dog park. He gets his 2nd round of shots next week, so we have to wait 3 more weeks for the 3rd round after that. We plan to be regular dog park goers. The city will be starting construction on another big one that is right next door to our apartment complex. They start building in the fall, so I bet it won't open till next summer, but i can't wait!

  11. What an awesome blog you have! And an adorable dog!!

  12. Hey, thanks for coming by the other day! Your boxer is so cute. I'd love to have a dog like that...actually, would love to just have a dog. Settling for my parakeet right now.

  13. Ours love the dog park, too, but we are selective about when we go. If it's too crowded or the crowd looks rough, we don't stay. It's not worth the trouble and risk. We've had very few problems when we've gone, though!

  14. Looks like Lucy made lots of friends at the park! I wish there was a dog park here. We have a really nice walking trail that's dog friendly but no dog parks. Boo! :(

  15. okay where do i start?!

    first, what happened to lucy's eye? and why did that german devil do such a thing?! will it ever heal? poor lucy.

    second, love the dog park too. i can only take one of my boys as the other one is lacking in social skills.

    third, lucy is definitely human. duhh. totally agree with you on that ;)

    and last, thanks for stopping by my blog!!! you're so sweet and i know my bullies love hearing about how cute they are. haha.

  16. Hi Lucy - I saw you over at Max & JD's blog and thought I'd pop over to say hi! I used to have a lot of Boxer friends back in Auckland (There was a regular crowd that met everyday at 4pm in the park!) although I haven't met any since moving to Brisbane. Anyway, I hope you'll pop by to visit me and say hello sometime -

    Honey the Great Dane

  17. Glad Lucy liked her green beans! My boys love them as a surprise addition to their meals as well. You might try carrots too- my boys seem to really like them.

    Loved the story about Lucy's pool. We got rid of our kiddie pool in prep for our cross state move, but plan to get another one in our new house for them to relax in.

    Glad to find your blog, we'll be checking back in with you and Lucy!