Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Ramblings Wednesday

I have decided that Wednesday is the perfect day for me to ramble about all of the things that have gotten my fired up over the last week, and it's been a douzy of a week!

1. So, I'm happily zipping (and I do mean zipping) down the road, very clearly enjoying the drive, and the speed, when all of a sudden, someone in a mini van decides to pull out in front of me. I reach across and put my arm across Lucy, down shift and slam on my brakes to keep from plowing into this inconsiderate driver.

I know he saw me, because I saw him, and there wasn't anything in his way to block him seeing me. To add insult to injury- they pull out in front of me because they're in such a darn hurry- and then they drive 20 mph UNDER the speed limit. Have they taken it upon themselves to correct my driving habits? Do they feel overly compelled to slow me down and force me to drive UNDER the speed limit? Well, let me tell you something- I'm 35- almost 36- I've driven fast all my life- (with very little regard for speed limits- except in the days following a run in with the law!) and you pulling out in front of me, is only going to make me mad- and it's always going to inspire me to tail gate ya! Get out of my way!

2. I had 10 spare minutes this morning to run into Wal-Mart and make a mad dash around the store grabbing 7 different things. I pull into the parking lot, and there is a woman walking across the parking lot, correction, she wasn't walking, she was strolling- talking on a cell phone and paying no attention to the 4 cars anxiously awaiting the chance to cross the Wal-Mart parking lot. She wasn't elderly or visably disabled in any way, or I could have forgiven the pace. She was most certainly not walking in a straight line- she was clearly not in any hurry to get into Wal-Mart, and she clearly has never heard the saying that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. There went 4 of my 10 minutes...

3. I finally make it into Wal-Mart and start on my mad dash. I needed a battery for the key fob to one of the cars. First I couldn't get the key fob open. Then I couldn't get the battery out to see what size it was. And when I finally freed the slippery little sucker from the case- I couldn't read it- and of course, I didn't have my glasses. And there went another 4 minutes. I hate that I'm old enough to need glasses to read the information on a battery. That just sucks, wasn't I just 21 a couple of days ago? (I guess not?)

4. I'm sure you're keeping track, but I now had exactly 2 minutes to run to the peanut butter aisle, grab the peanut butter, check out and get back to the car. It could happen, right? Yeah, well it could if there weren't 2 people blocking the peanut butter aisle with their grocery carts, and misbehaving children, attempting to text message on a cell phone. Here's a thought, your children probably wouldn't be throwing a tantrum worthy of a news crew if you were paying attention to them and not attempting to tell the story of your life in a text message. Are you in here to grocery shop or play on your cell phone? Make up your mind... Just get out of my way!

5. When my fiance and I first started dating- I was so impressed that he ALWAYS put the toilet seat down. Believe me when I say that I was very appreciative of this small little detail as a woman who has fallen in one too many times. Little did I know, until we replaced all 3 of the toilets in our house, that he never puts the toilet seat down, it's just that the old ones, wouldn't stay up! Imagine my shock when after nearly 5 years I discovered this little truth!


  1. Oh my. I hate bad drivers. I try not to, but I have road rage sometimes. To help me feel better I got really loud aftermarket horns for my car. They help me get the point across to the idiots that like to cut me off and almost cause accidents. :)

  2. As a fast driver with a fast car, I could not relate more. Just had one of those 20 under morons jump out in front of me yesterday.


  3. I am convinced that my car is meant to be driven fast or I will start having mechanical problems, lol!

    Lucy's Human

  4. this could have been written about me. I tend to drive a wee bit too fast as a rule and many times I have observed annoying drivers trying to wedge themselves in front of me to teach me a lesson. Had two do that to me just yesterday. Rest assured I passed them again as soon as I could, and wanted to flip them off, to be quite honest. Too bad it's against the law in our state.

  5. following from welcome wed.

  6. haha I love your rants!

  7. Sounds like you are having a tough week (LOL)!
    Isn't it amazing on how they can put the toilet seat down in the being and then they all of a sudden forget!

  8. #1 made me smile because I can see myself so clearly. I try, try, try to be a patient driver, but my Type A personality wins out too much.

    But, curious, if Lucy wears a dog seat belt? We recently were in a minor fender bender (we were stopped and the guy behind us did not). Trust me, I have become a HUGE fan of dog seat belts because they kept everyone safe and secure. We use Champion Canine Designs -

  9. Oh this is great stuff!! Sorry..butt it is!!
    Believe me when I say this sort of stuff happens to me ALL the time too!!

    Okay..the toilet seat one is my personal fav.
    My husband left it up a couple weeks ago (which he never does) and I was tired and it was middle of nite...
    Well, he woke up to a loud scream!!!

  10. Welcome to a day in my life! lol Seriously, this sounds exactly like every single day of my life.

  11. Oh man, your rant list sounds very similiar to mine!