Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Big Bump & Our Favorite Blog Hop!

We're starting off our Saturday with yet another big bump. Lucy is continuing in her tradition of rotating eyes, so this one is above her left eye!

What is a puppy parent to do? Seems I trade one issue for another. We've had 2 days of scum-free Lucy (have I mentioned how proud I am that my idea worked? If not, I'm mentioning it now. Score one for team Marianne & Lucy!), but 2 days of big bumps! My poor pup! I wish I knew how to make those wonderful flying creatures unappealing to my little boxer. It's not like she hasn't got a yard full of toys to play with, or a human standing by just waiting to entertain her. But, the toys and the human don't seem to hold the appeal of those flying, buzzing creatures... Oh Lucy!

Last night, Rob & I took Lucy with us to the Chippewa Volunteer Fire Department Carnival! (It it sounds big, I'm sorry to be misleading, it wasn't!) I was so proud of my little boxer. I had her in her harness, and kept the leash short, so she was very close to her Daddy & I. She greeted several little children who told her how pretty she was, and even met a couple of adults that had to stop and tell us about the greatest dog they ever knew, which was ironically a boxer! She had a grand old time with all of the carnival food smells on the ground- but still did a great job of listening to her Mommy & Daddy when they told her "Lucy, Come!"

I just love that we can take Lucy many of the places that we like to go! I hate thinking about her sitting at home all alone- and it just makes everything that much more entertaining!


  1. Hi, we're from the blog hop! What kind of bugs is she getting in to? Marge always likes to watch them flying around, but thankfully hasn't been bitten..

    Very cool about the carnival - it takes a well-trained and friendly girl to go out there and do so well, like Lucy did!

    Have a nice weekend!

    Sam and MargeDog

  2. What does the vet say about the bumps? Maybe he has something to keep them off her or something that will lessen the swelling. I would ask about the frequency of the benadryl, she's still pretty young.

  3. Sorry to hear Lucy is going a bit buggy.

    Sending sloppy feel better smoochies,

  4. Lucy Lou!

    Another bump?? OMD young lady you has gots to be more carefuls....'kay? :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. I love taking ours with us, too! I hate leaving them behind.

    Maybe she needs a bubble to play outside in!

  6. Oh Lucy, I hate to hear about those bumps! You've got to be careful around those bees and wasps, honey!

    My boys don't pay much attention to the flying bugs outside. Every once in awhile a fly will get in the house and Shiver has great fun chasing it and trying to catch it.

  7. My mom says that maybe Lucy has sweet blood and that is why the bees like to bite her!
    Glad you had a nice time there!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Poor Lucy! We hope her bumps get better soon!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  9. Is the rotating eye normal? I wish he should be careful with the bees. I watched the discovery channel the other day and it was about a swarm of bees that killed a person.