Saturday, July 3, 2010

" Ooh, Lucy! You've Got Some Splainen To Do!"

Early this morning, I was in the kitchen making coffee. Both dogs were outside, and I too had been out there (but I ran out of coffee). When I pulled myself from the comfort of my rocking chair and lumbered into the house, I left the sliding glass door open. I was just getting ready to pour the water into the coffee maker when I heard (but did not see Lucy) fly through the kitchen and into the living room. I didn't think anything of it, and finished making my coffee. When I got into the living room, this is what I saw:

I think the pictures explain it all... " Oh Lucy!"


  1. ruh-roh!


    PeeS...those be a worm in da dirt, too?!?!?!

  2. Ruh-roh is right MinnaK! Sweet Lucy Lou, your mom was right when she said today was the day for boxer messes! But you looks so darn cute I am sure you gots away with it.... :)

    Happy July 4th to you and your hoomans!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Mom

  3. I'ms pretty sure I did get away wit it, although Mummy stuck me outside immediately n dragged that big noisy machine out of the closet. I tink I saw her laughing as she did it though, so I'm pretty sure I'm in the clear!

    Nope, Minna- didn't find any worms in dat dirt. Dat probably would've gotten me in twouble!

    Haves yourselves a wonderful 4th!

    Wiggles & Giggles,
    Lucy Lou

  4. Oh boy, that sure looks like fun,but our Mom won't let us bring sticks and good stuff into the house. Sometimes things get caught in out cur;s, like leaves and little twigs. Then we have a good time.

    Keep up the good work, Lucy. You have to train those humans early and it looks like you've made a good start.
    Morgan, Tsar and The Porties

  5. Uh oh Lucy! What a mess.
    ~Milly, Shelby, and Maggie (their Mom)

    ps- We are new followers!

  6. Thanks for following us Lucy, we're alway happy to make new friends. Looks like you have tons of fun and keep your humans busy, young pups are supposed to chew up everything you can get your lips on BOL!

    Grins and Kisses,
    Ying and Yang