Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear God, It's Me, Marianne!

The last 24 hours in Lucy & I's world have been quite hair raising, and not in a good way (if hair raising can ever be good though, I haven't experienced it!). As has been evidenced not only by recent events (the raccoon in the yard), but other events in my life, I tend to panic just a little bit under pressure. I don't like anything frightening, and although I try to stay calm, when it comes to the health, safety and well being of my pup, I get very protective, and I tend to worry. I don't ever want anything bad to happen to her, and feel very strongly that it's my responsibility to keep her from harm or pain. And when that responsibility gets away from me, or I loose control allowing something bad to happen to Lucy, I get very sick over it, and feel that I've not done my job as Lucy's Human. After all, she's just a baby and can't really take care of herself.

On a regular basis I find myself hugging my little boxer and saying a little prayer. "Dear God, I'll do my very best to take care of this precious little girl, but every once in a while, I might need some help. Can you please help protect my little boxer?"

Yesterday morning, my little boxer found herself once again in danger, and although I was seconds away, I wasn't close enough. Before I could get to her, the German shepherd had snapped at her face. The squeal was enough to take another 5 years off of my life. I'm not even sure what this incident was over, there were no food bowls around, no ball in the vicinity. I'm just going to chalk it up to pure grumpiness on the part of the shepherd.

The end result was another trip to the vet, which Lucy hated! (She had to be muzzled in order for Dr. Mary to work on her eye! Can't really say that I blame the little girl for not enjoying that one!) I had to come to work, and couldn't leave, so I enlisted the help of my future mother in law, who was all too gracious enough to take her injured Grand-pup to see Dr. Mary.

Lucy has a lacerated cornea, and 2 lacerations on her lower eyelid. For the next 7 days, her Human will be struggling to put eye drops in her poor, injured eye. This morning, I made sure she was soundly sleeping and made my deposit. While I got away with it this AM, I'm not sure it will happen that way again. She is looking much better this morning, all of the swelling has gone down, and she definitely seems more like herself, thank God! The vet thinks she is going to be okay, but we have to return at the end of the week to see Dr. Mary who calls my little boxer, "beautiful, but silly". "Thanks, Dr. Mary for fixen me up! Sorry I wasn't a model patient, but I sure do preciate ya takin such good care of me!"

(I took this picture this morning, the swelling is all gone, and she is back to looking like her beautiful little self!)

Our 4th of July celebration involved finally getting our boat in the water for the summer season! We're now proud members of the Beaver County Boat Club. They had a wonderful 4th of July celebration, complete with food & ice cold beverages (which saved my wilting body!).

Of course, I couldn't wait to introduce Lucy to boating, and her Daddy couldn't wait to get her in the water. Lucy's a very good little swimmer, unlike her mother who has a very natural ability to sink! This morning, I ordered her a life jacket, and can't wait for it to arrive. In the meantime, she wore mine (and I wore her Daddy's) while we were in the water! She had a blast! Of course, Mommy & Daddy didn't let her get too far away! It's amazing how well "Lucy, Come!" worked in the water.

Lucy had fun even once she got out of the water. She hung out in the cabin for a little while before heading up "top" for a birds eye view of the river as we headed back in. And of course, all of the rope on board made for great entertainment for our little boxer. I can't wait to take her out again, especially when I see how great her "doggy paddling" is coming along! "Good Lucy!" I just love that our boxer enjoys doing the same things that her Mommy & Daddy do!

The last several days here have been unbelievably hot for Pennsylvania. We're all roasting, which means the AC has been blasting ever since the heat wave started! After about 5 minutes outdoors, I'll grab the hose and wet Lucy down, which as I've mentioned several times, she loves getting wet- just doesn't like to stay that way. Monday afternoon Lucy entertained her Human by doing these crazy wiggling movements all over the living room floor, complete with grumbles and funny noises, in an attempt to get dry! "Oh, Lucy! You're really something!"


  1. Oh Poor Sweet Lucy Lou :(

    I hopes that your eye is getting betters. Be a good girl for you mom and dad and lets them put the drops in, you will get extra noms and luvins if you do.
    Geez Louise!!...another one of my boxer buddies who likes to get onto the waters. My mom is beginning to think there is sumptin wrong with me. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. Oh no glad to hear that you will be ok..Thank goodness it wasn't something too serious..Your mommy and daddy really seem to love you. You are too cute!


  3. Awww poor Lucy! I hope her eye feels better soon! My boston terrier had a couple of eye infections in the past. She has gotten used to getting the eye drops, so it wasn't a big deal after awhile. I wonder what caused the German Shepherd to snap.

    It looks like she had a blast last weekend, though!

  4. Hi Lucy (and your human). Thanks for stopping by our blog. We love to meet new dogs. So far, none has snapped at us. Hope your eye heals quickly....lucky it's fixable.

    You are a great swimmer. We don't like the water much. Bella is VERY wary since the time she tried to walk on a pond as a puppy!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. You are a cutie, Miss Lucy!

    I'm so sorry about your eye. I hope it heals up soon, it sounds painful.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following, I'm now following you too!

  6. Hello Lucy!! Nice to meet you!!

    Thanks for stopping by our bloggy!! We just LOVE new friends :D

    You are such a pretty girl and Mommy loves your name!! We came with our names (except for Anakin) and Mommy always said 'dat if she gots a new Puggie - HEY DADDY, HINT HINT - hee hee...
    she'd calls her Lucy!! Very cutes!!

    So sorry about yous eye ball :(
    We hopes yous let you Momma puts you eye drops in and be's a good girls for hers .k! We know's 'dat eye ball drops are not fun, but maybe's yous Mommy or Daddy can give you a treat afterwords!! See - we's looking outs for you!!

    Nice boat trip on 'da 4th!! Looks like funs!!
    We love your bloggy!!
    We will come back and play laters....

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

    Pee-S Mommy wants to know who 'da Nick Cage fan is...hee hee - she likes him in Con Airs

  7. We enjoyed our visit to your great doggie bloggie...You're a very pretty girl and we are so sorry about your eye!
    Sending lots of Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  8. Glad she's going to be okay!

    Maizey is a total water hound and had her first real lake swimming experience not long ago. ("Don't throw me into the deep end of the lake!"). She has never been on a boat, but I bet it was fun!

    We love boxers and Lucy is a doll!

  9. sweet, looks like u swims better than meez. Hope ur eye is better. I'm just getting over my stupidz kennel cough...hack hack...