Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What We're Reading Now..."101 Dog Tricks"

I was so thrilled when I found this book. Lucy loves to do tricks, or should I say that Lucy loves to entertain her humans? One of the first bonus tricks we learned after the basic "sit", "come", "lay down" was paw- and no one will ever convince me that Lucy doesn't love to give her "paw"- which probably stemmed from her humans reaction to her learning to give "paw", I think it's so darn precious and tend to get very excited about it every time she does it. Frankly, a book of 101 Dog Tricks was entirely too much fun to pass up.

The book came yesterday, and I couldn't wait to open it. But, then I'm that way about any book. I love to get a new book, and Amazon with their speedy 2 day shipping from Amazon Prime makes it almost instant gratification.

One of the coolest things about this book is that there isn't a lot of reading to do. It's pretty much a hands on guide to teaching your pup new tricks, and since Lucy's so smart, I'm sure this is going to be a breeze. So, I start flipping through, barely able to contain my excitement. (Why do I get so excited over books?)

With each trick, they give step by step instructions, along with a hand signal for teaching the dog the trick. They also give some troubleshooting advice- and boy oh boy, do we need that sometimes. (I'm convinced that has more to do with Lucy's Human needing a little extra guidance rather than an intelligence issue with the boxer!)

I keep flipping and stumble upon, "Sit Pretty/Beg", that should be an easy one. Lucy's always standing on her hind legs, we should definitely be able to accomplish this, and so I ear mark this page as one of the 1st tricks for Lucy and I to work on. The next one I come across holds tons of appeal, because I always put slippers on when I get home, but can never seem to find them. I wonder if Lucy will have an easier time? " Hey Lucy, fetch my slippers." That one is definitely ear marked. I consider " Carry my purse," but on further thought realize that is probably a giant disaster just waiting to happen. The combination of expensive leather handbags and teething puppies probably isn't a good one. That one will have to be saved for when Lucy gets a little older... But there's no better time than the present for "Tidy up your toys", and I'm sure Lucy's Daddy is going to love that one since he's always tripping over Lucy's toys. I've been looking for the perfect toy box for months, guess I'll have to get on the move with that purchase if we're going to teach her this trick!

I'm still laughing over "Bring me a beer from the fridge." While I have no problem imagining our little boxer getting into the fridge, it's hard for me to comprehend that Lucy would open the fridge door and walk away with only a beer. I'm not sure I want Lucy to know how to open the fridge. I can't keep the darn thing stocked as it is, having a boxer raiding it on a daily basis would definitely complicate things.

As I flip further into the book, I can't help but think that no one has ever tried any of these tricks with a boxer. "Jump into my arms" is clearly an exercise that can lead to nothing but a trip to the ER. (At least for Lucy's Human!) I'm looking at these pictures and imagining myself blogging from a full body cast. Doesn't that sound like fun?

There's even a chapter on teaching your dog to dance. That looks do-able and I should be able to walk away from that without getting injured!


  1. How fun! I can't wait to hear all about how the tricks work out for you guys.

  2. LOL! Exactly I can't have my dogs learning to open the fridge, I would defiantly have to install a lock on it! :)

    We just got her DVD and are loving it! :))

  3. Hi Marianne!

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    Seems you're having a lot of fun with your dog. I remember someone who loves dog too :) *sigh*

    I am a new follower :)

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  5. Thank you so much for coming to visit me! Happily returning the follow ... :)

  6. There are a lot of tricks that are do-able for the average person and the average dog, however, that combination isn't always present. I thought I taught Jack to sit, (lay)down, and roll over. Now I just say the first syllable and he does it all in a second or two. That's not fair! Jill says, ok, I'm sitting, what did you say was next?

    Have fun, enjoy the book!

  7. My dad has this obedience book that he swears by and he lent it to me a few years ago. It's soooooooo old and the pictures are all black and white. They're dark and hard to make out. The author just talks about how wonderful she is and how she can make any dog do anything she wants it to. Yeah, so not the book for me!

    Maybe I'll have to check this one out sometime!

  8. Wonder if that book would help me with 6 dogs!

  9. Thanks for stoppin' by for a Latte' I am happy to follow you back!!

  10. Stumpy and I need that book!

    Lucy is just adorable! I have always loved boxerx. Lucy's facial expression are positively dangerous!

  11. Hi1 thanks for dropping by my blog and for the follow. i love this post coz I absolutely adore dogs. The tricks that my dog only knows are "come" and "shake hands". And sometimes when she's not in the mood, she will just stare at your hand and walks away hahaha! silly dog.

  12. That book is one that I haven't seen, but it looks cool! We have "Dog Tricks for Dummies" and despite the title, it is another really good book for teaching tricks. I hope you post videos of Lucy doing the tricks!

  13. I'm laughing at the "bring me a beer" trick.

    Man have dogs really evolved.

    So cool you're having fun training boxer. I get overly excited when I tell a dog to sit and they listen to me. Makes me feel kind of powerful. At least the dog listens to me!

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  15. Roo thinks his parents should get this book for him too! He loves to learn new things!

    Thanks for the tip,

  16. Keep us posted on the tricks! We are running low on ideas and have the same problem about certain tricks just not being possible (or desirable) for our Lucy!