Monday, January 30, 2012

Guest Blogger...Remembering Marco

My Boxer Mailing List friend, Joanne lost her boy Marco several weeks ago. I've volunteered my blog as a tribute to her sweet boy. I saw Marco's sweet face on her Christmas card back in December and immediately fell in love! After seeing his puppy pictures, I'm even more enamored with him!

Marco was born on December 3, 2006. The breeder was in the family. We had been contemplating a boxer for a while, as we had grown to love the breed by seeing the boxers that our relatives owned. I had actually picked out another boxer from this litter, a light brindle female. But someone else came to look at the dogs, and fell in love with that same dog. So I had the option of keeping the female or letting someone else buy her and take Marco instead. I guess there was some karma there, as Marco turned out to be my heart dog. But I sometimes wonder how that female is doing.

Wasn't he a cute puppy?

One of the greatest joys in Marco's life was bestowing a face washing on one of his humans. Here he was 3 months old ready to give my grandson, Jordan a face licking!

This is one of anly a few pictures that I have with Marco and I, as I am usually behind the camera, not in front.

My grandkids had to look out for their toys with Marco around, especially when he was young (he was 7 months in this photo).

As you can well imagine this ball didn't last too long.

Again, Marco at his favourite spot with my grandson. They both loved looking out the window.

Marco had a few special dogs that he really liked - one was Gabby - they had some great times running around getting dirty.

As you BML owners with white boxers know,they sure can get dirty. By the way, Gabby is Jades mom.

Marco was a pretty good big brother, but at first he was pretty rough on little Jade. We had to keep Jade outside the fence when she first got home, because he wouldn't let her go pee, and played quite rough. But as you can see, he also spent some time teaching Jade the 'ropes' on playing with sticks.

Jade and I miss Marco very much!


  1. That is so sad about Marco! What a nice tribute. My heart goes out to them!

  2. Thanks Marianne and Joanne. What a lovely boy. Smashing pictures. Thank you for sharing Marco's story.
    Andy, with Timmy & Plato on the BML

  3. What adorable pics of Marco and Little Jade. Loved the one of him kissing her through the fence. Thanks, Marianne for posting them.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful boy. We know that he will be missed but give many happy memories to his mum. Give them some hugs from use.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  5. What a beautiful boxer! I'm so sorry for your loss.

  6. What a lovely tribute to Marco! I love all of the photos, but I think my Fave is the 1 with Marco & the baby looking out the window :)