Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Business

I have two very important things to blog about today... So, I guess I had better get started! Times a wastin, right?

Here's a cause that we can all get behind: The Coalition to Unchain Dogs. I cried when I saw this beautiful brindle boxer, Tiger chained. And I cried tears of relief when he was un-chained. He probably ran for days, and days! Without further ado, meet Tiger!:

Lucy, Duke and I were thrilled to be the recipients of an award. We received the Pawsome Blogger Award from our friend Basset Mama... We love visiting with her and her two little basset sweethearts! As many of you know, my first puppy love was brought on by a sweet little basset hound named Nicky! So, it's always a happy visit for us!

In order to accept this award, I must pass it along to 8 blogs that bring me fun, love, laughs and furiendship.

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8. Gardening With Wyatt

I wanted badly to bring the children to work with me today, but it's 16 degrees here (even less if you factor in the windchill), and we had to switch vehicles, and unload a truck. So, I figured it was in their best interest to stay home today and snuggle up with each other and keep warm! I gave them strict orders to keep each other warm today as I handed each of them a biscuit! I'm sure that Lucy's taking my orders seriously, she always does, especially if the orders have anything to do with striking some odd pose at her brother's expense! Hopefully, their Daddy and I will be home early tonight!


  1. Oh that's a heartbreaking video! Congrats on your award
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Oh Marianne, I bawled as I watched this. I wish that rather than chain a dog all alone in the yard, people would either (1) bring him into the house so he can be loved or (2) find a home for him with people who will love him. It's no life for a dog, being chained outside all by himself. Thanks for sharing this video - I will definitely be passing it along!

  3. Mom cried when her watched da video too. We is so happy fur Tiger but we still wonder why do peoples even have a dog if dey is not gonna keeps dem in da house and luv on dem? Thank yous fur da award, you makes us happy :)

    Woofs and LIcks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  4. I don't know why people have to be so cruel. Thank goodness Tiger was freed. Congrats on your award it's well deserved! I love that picture of Lucy and Duke!

  5. It's quite cold here, too. I bet Lucy and Duke were happy to stay home and keep each other warm!

  6. That should be shown to everyone who ever chained a dog - what a happy pup!


  7. best to stay home. You will freeze your little tails off
    Benny & Lily

  8. Congrats on your award!

    I love that picture of Lucy on top of Max. I saw a white boxer with black spots today. He was sitting in the passenger seat of a car having a ride.