Thursday, January 12, 2012

Duke's Take... My Sassin Little Sister

It's me, Duke. I've never blogged before, but Lucy convinced me that I needed to do it, so I guess I had better listen. Making Lucy mad just isn't a good thing- take it from me, I should know! And I guess in order to get some fair representation in our house, I should probably speak for myself once and a while. So, here goes...

I'm a pretty quiet, laid back fellow. I don't have much to say, except when mom is taking too long to get my dinner ready, or when Lucy takes a toy from me that I want to play with. Other than that, I just keep to myself, although I love to snuggle with the human, and because Lucy likes it so much, I let her snuggle with me too. Gotta keep the ladies happy. I'll never get any peace and quiet if the ladies aren't happy, ya know? I guess I'm one step ahead of the game since I already know that. My Daddy is still working on that- I keep trying to explain it to him, but it's taking some time to get the message across!

Anyway, moving on to other topics, I want to tell you how much I love my new family and my new home. Having a little sister is great, although, I must tell you, she can be a bit much to handle at times. Daddy always says that I'm way to easy on her, but I don't think I am. I'm a polite boy, and she's littler than I am, and well... she's a girl. How hard can I be on her?

Sometimes, I do have to put her in place. This morning, for example, she was being really mouthy! Mama calls it "Sassin", and she just wouldn't stop "Sassin", so I had to do my best to help Mama out, and calm her down. Sometimes there's just no other choice but to grab that little darlin' by the neck and chomp down a bit... I don't ever hurt her, Mama says I'm very gentle with her. And sometimes, she even stops "Sassin" when I do it. This morning wasn't one of those mornings though!

Sometimes, you just have to step back from the situation, and hope that some miraculous force may be with you when you return to take care of the "Sassin" little boxer named Lucy!

Mama laughed at me this morning when she saw me up on the ottomen with my eyes glowing! I don't know what came over me, I just knew that if I didn't stop Lucy from "Sassin" Mama was gonna go crazy! See sometimes, she wakes up with a headache, and that horrific noise my sister makes, just doesn't go well with Mama's headaches!

I don't know what happened to me this morning, but by the time I jumped off the sofa, Lucy had quit barking, Mama was laughing, and once again, I had managed to save the day! Gosh, sometimes I think my work will never be done. Especially if my job is keeping Lucy in line. I'll tell you, it's a challenge sometimes, I don't know how my Mama ever did it before I came to live with her!

Well, I guess I've said everything I need to say for now, I sure had fun! I'm betting my Mama will let me blog again soon, but only if she thinks I did a good job! I'm sure she will, she's always telling me that I'm a very good boy! I think that's a good thing.

Oh, she just asked me to tell you, that she's got a surprise for you all tomorrow! She got an award today, and she's going to share it with you all tomorrow!


  1. Great first post, Duke! You are a natural. You and Lucy are super cute!

  2. Oh you're such a gentleman Duke!
    Dachshund Nola

  3. are a gentleman when needed...when the eyes change colors I';m outta here...scary wary! More of Duke's POV anytime!!

  4. Great first blog post, Duke!

    You're a lot smarter than a lot of guys, most of them haven't yet figured out that if they make the women happy, they'll be happier too. bol

  5. Sounds like you are slow to burn, but once caught alight you flame....what great laser eyes!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  6. Thank goodness your Momma has you around to help with Lucy, Duke! Love that first pic of you. Very handsome. I don't know about those green eyes in the other one though! LOL!