Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lucy's Made Her Wish...

As I have been mentioning, Lucy's 1st Birthday is on Friday.

And as she's mentioned, she thinks that the only appropriate present for her first birthday is a "brudder". Her mama couldn't agree more! Here is the object of both Lucy and I's affection. Both Lucy and I agree that he's just the cutest darn thing we've ever seen!

This handsome little white potential "brudder" for Lucy is the whole way in Utah, but I'm assured there would be no problem delivering him to Orlando by the breeder who doesn't seem to have qualms about my being able to provide the little ghost with a wonderful home! (And of course, she's absolutely correct!

So what's the problem with this, you asks us?

Well, Lucy's Daddy thinks it's more appropriate for me to have a guard dog! Especially if I'm going to be in Orlando by myself. (I've been trying to teach Lucy to show her Daddy what a good watch dog she is, but she just wiggles her bumm and gives him a kiss... You're just no help Lucy!)

I can't stress enough how much the thought of having a big, tough dog in the house frightens me! I don't need a guard dog! I've given it a lot of thought, and I'm sure that the criminal that attempts to enter my and Lucy's home will more than likely have some kind of OCD disorder, and will run screaming from my home when my little boxer starts kissing him and drooling all over him! I'm in good hands!

But, we can't seem to come to an agreement!

Just look at the teeth on my little boxer! Have you ever seen anything so "inconspicuously" ferocious? That's just the thing- an intruder would never see her coming!

I don't think that Lucy would ever let anyone hut me, and I've experienced those teeth around my ankles and wrists... so I know exactly what that feels like- I can't imagine any criminal insane enough to stick around for that. Heck, I run sometimes, especially when my ankles are the object of Lucy's affections. I can only imagine how deep those teeth would sink in if she felt her human was in danger. For goodness sakes, she gets a little angered when she catches her mother kissing another boxer.

Lucy's all the guard dog I need... okay, we need the little white boy too! It certainly wouldn't hurt to have a deep male bark in the house!

She's guarding the house even as I sit her blogging...see?

Don't let that laid back look fool you, she can be pouncing in a split second! If I were to walk over there to that refrigerator and open the cheese drawer, she would move so fast, all you would see is a blur!


  1. seriously the cutest puppie i've ever seen!

  2. We vote for the white puppy. Looks like Lucy's Daddy is being out voted.. :)

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  3. We are little, and NO ONE comes in our gate. The good thing about crooks is they don't like dogs--especially big dogs! We like the ghosty chap, so count our three votes for the baby boxer.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. I'm sure Lucy's all the guard dog you need. I vote for the little while guy. An alarm system and a "beware of dog" sign is the best defense you can have, really - what idiot would try to mess with THAT house?

  5. Oh, MY DOG! He is the cutest darned puppy, EVER! We vote for him, too, and tell daddy that Lucy will be more protective with a baby in the house so she IS a guard dog.
    Grins and Kisses,
    Ying and Yang

  6. We think Lucy needs a little white ghost brudder:)

  7. Gracie raises her paw in favor of the good-natured white boy; he'll be way more fun than some surly soldier.

  8. Huge spot in my hear for white boxer boys. Daddy is gonna loose the vote for sure.

  9. No contest...little brudder fur sure! How is you gonna gets him all da way from Utahs? I would hate to thinks he would have to fly....very skeery for a pup. :(

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Tank yous fur comin' to my pawty yesterday! :)

  10. The people in my neighborhood are afraid of my boxer, Brutus...and his tongue sticks out of his mouth permanently! So even though he looks like a big goof to me, he's still intimidating...go with the boxer brother!

  11. Cutest Pup I've seen. Hope things go well and you get the brudder for Lucy.

  12. Choose the little baby brudder! Lucy is a FINE guard dog! Just by her size alone, she would scare off an intruder, we think! And she would protect you! AND, once little brudder gets bigger, you'll have TWO fine guard dogs! PLEASE GET THE LITTLE CUTIE!!!

  13. I saw a white feller like that years ago and yes...cutie patootie...if I remember correctly one has to be a bit careful with the skin burning and such....Happy Birthday on Friday...heads up mine is on Wednesday...the big 4!

  14. I was looking for a specific picture of a rottie, and your blog came up. Please do not post pictures of rottweilers as mean guard dogs. I have four rottweilers and knowing the breed and how sweet they really are, its sad that the most press they get is images like this. Since your picture came up in a general google search, I'm sure others have found it as well and it continues to reinforce negative and a really false impression.