Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lucy Induced Giggles

Since Lucy has come to live with us, she has made us smile and she has made us laugh. She's especially good at making me laugh, and there's nothing better than to walk in a room and discover little Lucy in a pose that's just priceless. It's even better when Lucy doesn't anticipate her "hooman" running for "dat darn flashy ting" and stays where she is while I power up the camera!

On Sunday, Lucy and I had a wonderful new experience. We met a fellow Boxer Mailing List mom! It's the first time we've ever met a fellow BML'er in person, and we had a lot of fun. Turns out she had a present for Lucy (which makes her instantly great in Lucy's eyes!). Not only was Lucy thankful for the present, but her "hooman" was thrilled by it as well since it has done wonders at occupying the little boxer while I paint!

We haven't made any progress in the "brudder" for Lucy situation. Minutes after posting the blog column about the little white ghost, I found out that he had been adopted! (Which only tells me that wasn't the right "brudder" for Lucy and that it just wasn't meant to be.) I've been thinking of rescuing a boxer for months, and am still really in love with the idea of giving an abandoned boxer a home. As much as I'm sure Lucy would love and probably needs a playmate, our lives are rather hectic right now and I'm not entirely sure that right now is a great time to add a puppy or a rescue to our home right now. I want to be sure that our new family member gets off to a great start...

And besides, I still haven't won the battle that our family needs another boxer and not a dog capable of tearing a lion apart...

In case you're wondering, Lucy and I are still painting. I think I've put about 20 gallons of paint on the walls, but I've lost count. Between the sheer amount of space to be painted and the paint fumes, I'm a little bit blonder than normal!


  1. Tell Lucy to help you paint! She can hold a paint brush in her mouth! ;)

  2. Great photos. Sorry to hear about ghost.. but you're right. It was not to be..

  3. Painting always takes forever... I hope you're done soon!

  4. I think I hear you say that you love Lucy so much, she makes your heart sing!
    And, I know that you will find the answer to the longing inside of you to get a brother for Lucy..
    My moms are trying to make the same decision for me. I am sorry it did not work out for Ghost.