Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Okay, I Guess I'll Go Out...

...but I don't have to like it, Ma!

I don't quite understand Lucy's disapproval of the cold. Some days, she doesn't seem to mind it one bit, and other days, my boxer digs her heels in and refuses to leave the warmth of the house.

A week or so ago, Lucy's Daddy brought home a heater from work and plugged it in by the couch. When I got home from work, Lucy was zonked out in front of the heater taking a nap. The other night, I got down on the floor with her and stuck my freezing cold hands in front of the heater... You should have seen the look I got. It was as if Lucy was saying to me "Hey, that's my heat... go find your own!"

I'm pretty sure my boxer has common sense, because she eventually figures out that if she's got to be outside, she might as well make the best of it and she'll run off and find a toy to play with.

Lucy and I have been doing a lot of work on the fetch game. She loves playing tug of war, more than she likes to fetch. So, it becomes a game of cat and mouse as I attempt to get the toy of the moment out of Lucy's grip. I've discovered that if I pretend that I'm not interested, she'll eventually drop the toy, and sit waiting for me to toss it out into the yard.

Lucy definitely seems to be at an age (she'll be one year old next month!) where she is very interested in listening and learning, much more so than she has been in the past. It's like my little boxer is a sponge, just waiting for my next command. She learns so quick it's shocking! (Just like the situation with the camera, she knows exactly what's coming when she hears that baby fire up!)

But, along with a very noticeable desire to learn, Lucy's mischievous side is also making a lot of appearances. It seems that Lucy has figured out that making her human giggle is a very good thing, and when she gets into something that she's not supposed to be in, her "bad" human has a habit of giggling. Lucy knows she's in trouble, and her little bottom ends up wiggling as if to say "I'm soooo sorry, Mom!"


  1. I did the little butt tuck the other night when mom caught me eating her coffee table... which I've never done before. Mom wasn't exactly giggling though... it was more yelling lots of HBO words. So I went to my crate to wait it out!

  2. Cooper and Lola does the same thing.. Head to the kennel without being asked. Lola's ears go down and back when she knows she's naughty.

  3. That seems to be a sign that she wants to make you happy. Kelly doesn't seem to mind being naughty!

  4. Lucy Lou!!!

    I hopes you learn to likes da snow cuz it is soooo much fun to play in! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. Lucy you are so cute! Little Janie loves it too, when she hears laughter. And when she does, be prepared for TONS of kisses. My more you laugh, the more kisses she gives. It is SO cute.
    Have a fun day.
    Joan & Jane Austen Eyre