Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lucy's Take... I Gots To Go Out!

I knows it in my heart dats I need to go outsides, but my paws gets so cold. So, sometimes I needs to tinks about it before I's actually do it. I really haves to talk myself into goings outside. My hooman tinks I'm being disobeeeedients when she opens da door and says "Outside, Lucy" and I just stares into space. Buts really, I'ms just tryins to figures out how I can go outsides and not gets cold.

My hooman doesn't know dis, but I kinda like starting into da glass. I can see anutter boxer in der. It won't plays wit me, it just stares back at me, but it makes me happy to have a boxer pal. It sure is a pretty boxer! These boxer pals are all over da house. Der's one in da reading room, and anutter one in da bedroom. I don'ts know why dey won't play wit me! Maybe dey are just shy and dey needs to get to know me first. I's guessin dat makes sense!

When it's was warm outside, my hooman used to lets me takes my toys outside. Now, I can tells dat she's not so happy when I insists upon takin my toys out into da snow. She says it's because we keeps loosing dem!

I hads a great tire toy dat my hoomans can't finds in all dat snow, so I guesses dat I can understand. I sure hopes we find dat toy, I really loved dat toy!

Dis mornin she let me takes my rope toy out on da deck. She watched me pretty closely and tolds me dat I had to bring it in when I was done playings wit it! I'ms so glad she let me take it out der. I had a ton of funs rolling it around in da snow!

I hads to work really hards to get da ball entirely coated in da snow! And den when I trieds to pick it up, it was really cold. So, I just left it on da grounds and rolled it arounds some more.

A couples of times, it wouldn't go wheres I wanted it to go, so I had to show it and tells it who was boss. Sticking ones boxer bumm in da airs, usually gets dat point across pretty quicklies.

My hooman tinks it's pretty funny when I stick my bumms in da air. She always laughs. And she must have been tinkin it was pretty interesting dat I was rolling dat ball around in da snow, cause she had dat darn flashbox tingy in her hand. Why does dat get to goes everywhere wit us?

I played in da snows for a really long time. My paws were startin to gets a little icy, so I hads mixed emotions when my hooman said it was times to go inside.

"Are yous sure we haves to go in, now? I'ms kinda havin fun outs here even though it's a little colds out. 5 more minutes, pleeeeease?"

My hooman is a good hooman. She worries dat I'll gets too colds outside, so I figured I hads better grab da toy and heads into da house to let da toy warm ups. I hates to make my hooman worries. She says it'll gives her winkles.... I have winkles, and dey aren't so bads! My hooman even says she luvs em, so I don'ts really understands!


  1. We love playing in the snow too Lucy! I (Owen) do start to get a little chilly and start to shiver a bit and that's when Mommy gets worried (like your Mommy) and says "time to go inside!" but I (Maddy) don't get cold as easily and want to stay out longer!
    Maddy and Owen

  2. Snow play is the BEST! But I can see why you don't want to stay out for very long -- your coat isn't a warm as mine....enjoy....but for only short amounts of time, my friend!

  3. Lucy, you're such a considerate Pup. Thinking about your hooman all the time. Cooper like to take toys outside too. Have a great Sunday and keep them paws warm.

  4. There's lots of boxers in your house. We love watching you subdue your rope in the snow.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Lucy, you just need a warm sweatshirt or jacket and some "booties" and you'll be happy to be outside!! ;-)
    Happy Snow Day!
    Kelly & Crew
    Big Mac, Molly & Moxie

  6. Shiver always wants to take his toys outside too but I won't let him.

  7. We don't blame you for not wanting to go outside. Are your feets cold?
    Benny & Lily