Friday, January 28, 2011

I'll Have What She's Having

Lucy's very, very, very good at convincing her human that she really deserves to eat exactly what I'm eating. Here's how she does it, it's a 3 step process. I'm sure you'll agree that Lucy's look is pretty hard to ignore...

Step One: Lucy makes it known that she's on to the fact that I've got food, that she's going to be expecting some of it and that she definitely deserves whatever it is that I've got.
"Heys der, ma. Whatcha got? Smells pretty darn goods!"

Step Two: Lucy moves a little closer, tilts her head back a little bit (her most flattering position), usually puts up a paw just to make sure that I know she's there, and she's waiting.

"Any days now, Ma! I aint's got all days to wait for you to drop dat!"

Step Three: The whimper or the famous boxer sigh heard round the world... Followed by the human caving. Lucy may be conning her human, but at least her human is aware that she's being conned! Fact of it is, I don't mind sharing with Lucy one little bit if it's not bad for her, especially when she works so hard to get whatever it is that I'm eating.


  1. Great going Lucy! We have our own powers of persuasion too and we know all about that whimper ;)
    Maddy and Owen

  2. Hi Lucy, Bella the Boxer here... Works every time, doesn't it?! I use the same moves on my Mom, especially when it comes to apples and pears. Those are my favorites. I'm glad to have found your blog, you are very cute.

    Wags and woofs,

  3. All dogs start with.."What is that you are eating?" haha


  4. Works for us!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. I know that every time in our household. Spoiled I'd say

  6. AAAAHHHH!!!! We are mailing her our lunch right now! That look persuaded us!


  7. My boys are the same way. If it were up to them, I'd share ALL of my meals with them.