Saturday, January 29, 2011

Living The Life...

The past 7 days have been filled with painting, painting and more painting with brief interludes to Home Depot or the grocery store.

Lucy, her toys and definitely my fingernails are starting to show the signs of our hard work- of course, the house is starting to show signs of improvement as well! I typically wash the paint off of myself at the end of the day, but Lucy seems proud to prance around the neighborhood covered in paint, and refuses to let me remove any of it from her sweet little body. She has spots in places where she didn't have spots before all of this started.

She's starting to oppose a bit to the the 8 hour a day painting regime- despite the fact that I'm constantly breaking to take her for a walk, or toss one of her toys around. Yesterday, she dropped her octopus in my newly loaded paint tray. I think, but I'm not sure, that might have been her way of telling me that it was time to take a break!

Rob keeps telling me that Lucy and I are "living the life" in Orlando while he's freezing his butt off in Pittsburgh. I keep arguing that painting for 8 hours a day, is hardly living the life. But, the little boxer might prove me wrong, this picture doesn't exactly make it look like we're working hard. Lucy actually looks darn comfortable watching tv.

I'm pretty sure that Lucy is trying to send me a message right at the moment. She just might be ready for bed, or maybe she's just ready to snuggle.

We just took an hour long walk around the block, and then she and I played with the rope toy for a 1/2 hour before attempting to clean up the massive mess we made today. Is it possible that I've worn my little bundle of energy out? Lucy's got the right idea, because I'm exhausted!


  1. Oh, painting... I am not very good at it, so definitely not "living the life" in my opinion!

  2. Lucy you have the right idea, relax and watch TV forget the painting.
    Benny & Lily

  3. We think it might be a snuggle and then sleep.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Good job Lucy! You really get into it...haha!!


  5. Oh yes, I remember when I first moved to my house and decided to paint one of the spare rooms. My dog and cat kept rubbing up against the walls and whenever I'd put the paint tray down, they'd rush over to smell and/or lick it if I wasn't careful!

    I've been doing homework on my days off from school and neither one of my boys is happy about it. They just want to play all day. They always either lay on the book or try to get in between me and the book or scratch my arm or whatever it is they can do to draw my attention away.

  6. Lucy you are too adorable. You are my first Boxer friend (i think). I love that you like to cuddle with the blankie... and your kinda like me,, needing more attention all the time.. That is the way it should be - right Lucy?
    I like you all speckled with paint- that shows to me that you are your mamas helper.
    Thank you for coming to visit me

  7. Your painted pup is sure cute. Hope the painting is finished up soon so you feel a little less overwhelmed. Enjoy the weather.