Monday, January 10, 2011

Are You Dog Crazy?

Our friends Cooper & Lola had this as a post! I enjoyed it so much that I just couldn't help but take the quiz and share it with all of you... (Of course, my fiance could probably answer this question in a mere second without my ever taking the quiz...)

"Are You Dog Crazy?" written by Debra Primovic.

Get a pad and paper and answer the following questions. Give yourself 2 points for each one you answer yes.

1. Do you call your dog from work or when you are not at home? I would if I could, but since there's no phone in the house, that wouldn't work out too well. I often think of Lucy during the day, and think that I wish I could call her and say "I'm on my way, Lucy!" or "I miss you, Lucy", or "Mumma loves you, Lucy!"

2. Do you celebrate your dog's birthday? Lucy will be turning "1" on February 4th. And I have every intention of making a huge deal out of it... Just like I would if she were a child, because she is my child.

3. Have you ever given your dog a birthday party? No, but only because she hasn't had a birthday... I'm thinking about it, but I think just about everyone that I would invite would think that I'd taken a complete leave of my senses! But, Lucy and I will have a little party of our own!

4. Do you cook or make homemade treats for your dog? Absolutely! Lucy eats a combination of Super 5 Wellness dog food, veggies and cooked ground turkey, beef or chicken. I have a "Doggy Cookbook" and have tried a few of the recipes. Lucy loves em! And believe me when I say that Lucy knows exactly when it's her food on the stove. It's not unusual for her to find a comfy spot in the kitchen and wait it out, just to make sure that she doesn't miss anything.

5. Do you kiss your dog? (On the lips - 2 bonus points) Much to my fiance's disgust- for the obvious reasons- I kiss Lucy and Lucy kisses back, several times a day! Rob says it's quite shocking!

6. Do you hug your dog? Yes, and she hugs back. I taught Lucy to give hugs and kisses and it's one of my favorite things.

7. Do you dress your dog with a fancy coat, bandana or hat? (sunglasses = 2 bonus points) Unfortunately, attempts at accessorizing Lucy have not gone so well. I guess she has to draw the line somewhere. Every time I come home with something like that, she looks at me as if to say "I'm a dog... Get real, Mom!"

8. Do you wear dog related shirts, hats or sweaters that tell people that you are a dog owner? Guilty as charged. I have boxer mom sweatshirts, t-shirts and mugs. My license plate holder says "boxer mobile". Our little welcome sign has a boxer on top of it! I'm a proud boxer mom! What can I say?

9. Do you include your dog in festivities at your home such as parties, family get together (or is he locked away? Lucy is considered a member of the family, so anytime we have something, or go somewhere she is included.

10. Do you dress your dog for the holidays (e.g. with a fancy collar or Santa suit) See question number 7...

11. Do you buy gifts for your dog? All the time! Every month when Lucy turns another month older, we take a trip to Petco and she picks out a new toy. And anytime I travel out of town, I bring something home for Lucy!

12. Do you talk to your dog? (If you answer for them – 2 bonus points) Lucy and I have had more conversations than you can imagine... And yes, I do answer for her. I think I know her pretty well by now, and can usually tell by the look on her face exactly what she's thinking.

13. Does your dog sleep in the bed with you? Yes, and more often than not takes up more room in the bed than both Rob & I combined, and she prefers to sleep with her head on my pillow.

14. Do you have more than one dog? No, for now we've only got one furbaby!

15. Do you have special dog furniture e.g. dog beds? Oh yes, there's a dog bed at home, and a dog bed at work!

16. If you board your dog, does your dog get the special room with the TV or any other special dog crazy features? We've never boarded Lucy. When we go out of town she goes and stays at her "Aunt Kims". Where she's loved up just as much as she would be home.

17. Does your dog get special grooming rituals? (Such as special shampoos or nail polish)? Of course! She gets bathed in puppy shampoo.

18. Do you brush your dog's teeth? I've tried- again this is one of those things that isn't going so well! I did notice this morning that she definitely doesn't have puppy breath any more!

19. Do you give your dog treats more than once per day? Yep!

20. Does your dog wear cologne? No...

21. Do you dress to coordinate outfits with your dog? No...

22. Do you carry a photo of your dog with you or do you have a photo of your dog on your desk? I have a picture of Lucy and I on my key chain, and a mug at work that has Lucy's sweet little face on it. So even when she's not with me, she's with me.

23. Does your dog have a "nickname" like Doodle bug (when her name is really Pepper) or Bunky Boy (when is name is really Sammy) Lucy has tons of nicknames. Lou Lou, Miss Boo, Little Rascal, Wiggle Bum, Little Bugga, and her Daddy calls her Do Growl.

24. When buying a vehicle, you specifically shop for one that will comfortably accommodate your dog? Yes, and it's only fair since I take Lucy with me most everywhere I go! I even took her to the dealership to help me pick out a color. I had to buy a vehicle that was complimentary to both of us.. we went with white.

25. Does your dog have his or her own stocking and gifts under the Christmas tree? No... I never even got around to putting up a tree this year, which was probably for the best because I'm sure my little boxer would have had a field day with that.

26. Do you worry about dog safety by carefully watching what you plant in your garden or plants you bring into your home? Yes, Lucy loves to eat green things, so I am very careful about everything that I plant outdoors, or indoors.

27. On the way to and from work, you stop at the doggie daycare? No, but I do admit to having considered it.

28. Instead of the kennel, does your dog go to Grandma's house? Does Aunt Kim's house count?

29. Before going out in the cold, do you dress your dog in the proper gear? No. I wanted to buy her a coat, but given her dislike of accessories, I'm sure I would never get it on her.

30. Is there is a seatbelt or car seat in your vehicle for your dog? Yes. Have you ever tried to drive a manual transmission with a boxer puppy on your lap? It doesn't work so well, so Lucy's had her own seat belt ever since she came to live with me. If she's not buckled in, she's always moving around and attempting to plant herself on the drivers lap!

31. Do you always keep dog biscuits in your purse? Purse, briefcase, coat pocket, glove compartment...

32. When cleaning out your pockets before doing laundry, do you find dog treats? ...Always.

33. Does your dog have health insurance? No, but during Lucy's Puppyhood, I seriously considered it. As her vet will tell you, my little boxer pup had an eye for trouble. Thankfully, she seems to have grown out of that.

34. Do you have arrangements in your will for you dog? Not yet, but I've put a lot of thought into it.

35. You have been known to take your dog to the mall in a stroller or a papoose? I'm imagining this, and laughing. I'm sure that if she weren't 65 pounds, and bouncy as a kangaroo that I would figure out a way to do this. (She has been in Home Depot with me!)

36. Your friends threw you a shower when you got your puppy.... No, and I'd like to know, "Why not?"

37. You've called off work because your dog is ill. No, I've never done that. I've made alternate arrangements to get her to the vet though!

38. You know that spending quality time with your dog everyday is a priority. Absolutely it is, and I feel guilty when I feel that she doesn't get enough attention.

How Dog Crazy Are You?

60 – 82 points – you are not only Dog Crazy but also you qualify as a Dog Crazy NUT! (In a very good way) You love you dog a lot and he is very lucky to have someone that cares so much!

40 – 59 points – You are Dog Crazy! You love your dog and spend time bonding with your dog. Great job!

20 – 30 points – You love your dog very much and you get a star for being crazy about your dog. You could bump it up a notch and get matching outfits!

0 – 19 points – You care about your dog, love your dog but are not considered totally over-the-top Dog Crazy. Your friends and relatives probably would describe you as loving your dog but not a NUT!think it

I scored a 46. Yes.... I am Dog Crazy!! I guess I thought it would be higher...


  1. Hi, fun quiz! I will add one more to that. Do you sign letters and cards with your dog's name too? I do!

  2. What a cute post...I'm glad i'm not the only one who is dog crazy hehe.

  3. Good post! BOL we saw it over at Cooper and Lolas. Guess we are all doggy crazeee
    Benny & Lily

  4. I've called in when my pet has been sick before.

    I saw a boxer this morning and instantly thought of Lucy and Maggie Mae! I was stopped at a stop sign and they crossed in front of me. I wanted to get out and pet him but I had somewhere to go.