Thursday, January 6, 2011

Comfort Is Very Important

In my little boxer's world, nothing is more important than being comfortable. And Lucy's smart enough to know, that if the spot her human has just vacated was good enough for the human, than it's probably a pretty great place to curl up!

Lucy's Human is starting to learn that if she wants to keep her warm and cozy spot in the bed, she probably shouldn't get up for a snack or something to drink unless she plans on battling a boxer for the warmest, coziest spot in the bed!

Frankly, I'm shocked she didn't pull the pillow down so that she could rest her head on one of my wonderful king sized pillows. I'm sure she just didn't have enough time.

Oh, Lucy! You're so lucky that I love you dearly!


  1. Bethany, my foster sister, does that! Everytime some gets up, she goes into their spot!

  2. It's still warm and smells of you! A great place for a nap.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  3. Once, I was petsitting for my parents' really ancient beagle. Well, back then she wasn't so old.

    I let her sleep in the bed with me because that's what she was accustomed to at home. I guess she decided I was taking up too much of the bed because she kept getting up and scratching on the door in th middle of the night. I thought she needed to go out so I'd get up but as soon as I reached the bedroom door, she'd invariably run as fast as she could and jump back into bed. She did this all night long for the entire time I had her. I was quite annoyed with her at the time but looking back, I have to laugh. She's no dummy! She wanted that bed all to herself.

  4. I do the same thing every morning when my human hits the shower - I immediately take her spot!

    Wags N Kisses,

  5. Gus is a master at "seat stealing". Happy Friday!