Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Toy Rescue Mission

My little Lucy has become very camera shy these past couple of months. It seems that every time I get my camera out, all that's left of Lucy by the time I've fired it up, is her backend! And every time she's sporting the perfect pose, my camera is no where to be found. I need to start strapping it around my neck. Anyway, that's why there's a picture of another boxer here instead of Lucy's picture.

It has been raining in Pittsburgh for days. Our backyard looks more like a cow pasture than a yard from all of the mud. I wish it would stop, and I'm sure Lucy shares that sentiment.

Lucy has been going to the back door, ringing the doggie bells and waiting patiently to go outside for days now. It wasn't until this morning that I caught on to what my little pup was up to in the yard.

She rang the bells this morning, and I let her out. She ran across the deck as fast as her little legs would carry her, grabbed a very dirty meat bone and came back to the door. I let her in, she ran across the kitchen and into the foyer where I heard her plop the bone down on the floor before she came running right back to the door to ring the bell. I let her back out and she grabbed another toy, and waited to be let in. We did this 7 or 8 times this morning before I figured out that Lucy was rescuing her favorite toys from the rain! I'm still smiling in amazement 6 hours later! I will never underestimate the intelligence of this little boxer!


  1. You know I think Lucy is beautiful, but oh my goodness, the face on that pup in your post is to-die-for! :)

    And yes, they are brilliant dogs! My son's Nike has been with him at college since August 23. They came home last weekend for the first time since they left, and she didn't miss a beat. She fell right back into the routine of the house, as if she'd never been gone. Amazing when you consider she's not quite 8 months old!

  2. Awww! My Minnie loves to bury her rawhide's. She only brings them back into the house as a last resort!

  3. Rain and Dogs No fun! My backyard also looks like a Mud Pit. Sounds like Lucy did a wonderful job saving all of her toys.
    Hope the Sun Shines Soon!

  4. thats hilarious! Lucy is so smart - Oliver hates the rain, he looks at me like I'm crazy every time I try and get him to go out in it!

  5. Oh, that is funny! It's been rainy every day this week here too.

    I don't let my boys take toys out because I worry they'll get ruined by the weather or they'll never make it back in the house. Shiver's favorite toys are all his tennis balls and he thinks he needs to have on either in his mouth or in close proximity to him at all times. Before I let him out, I tell him he has to drop the ball and he does. I was amazed at how quickly he picked that up. At first he used to cry when I made him drop it. I guess he thought I was going to steal it when he was out in the back yard.

  6. That made us smile soooooo much!


  7. Awww Lucy! That was so great :)

  8. That is just waaayyy too adorable Marianne! So intelligent! They're very protective of their "things" aren't they? We've had a lot of rain lately too...much to the dismay of my little pooches. :-(

  9. Lucy is a clever little pup to save her toys from the rain. And adorable, too, of course. Meaty bones always taste better marinated in dirt :)
    The Road Dogs