Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lucy's Take... The Hoomans Obsession With Mud Removal!

My Hooman is pretty crazy abouts washing things. She's always dragging stuffs to the washer, and everytimes I turn around, she's got a rags in her hands and she's scubbin da kitchen floor. So, I shouldn't bes suprised that she's goofy about keeping da car clean. And dat's okay, but I'm not so sures dat I should be subjected to the methods of cleaning da car.

On Friday night afters we got done with work, she pulled into dis funny looking building dat was makings all kinds of noises. I'm nots afraids of noises, so I guess she's was thinking it was gonna be okay. We were ats da car wash, and Mommy paid the guy and drove into da dark building. Den all these things started moving around and there was funny stuffs on the window. I's thoughts it was pretty cool. When we's came out on da other side, Mommy made a big sigh and saids "Whew, all the mud is gone, Lucy!" My hooman was happy to have a cleans car!

I'lls probably nevers understand why my hoomans get so freaked out about dis ting they call mud... especially on da cars. Daddy's actually worse dan Mommy! I'm just glad I don't haves to worry about "mud".

After da car wash, we wents and got some takeout food for dinner. I guess Daddy taught Mommy how to cheat at making dinner! When Mommy and I got home, Job was waiting in the driveway for us. I was so happys to see my buddy, and Mommy puts us out in da yard and lets us play till I was completely exhausted! I missed da take-out food. It was all gones by da time I came in da house! Those hoomans ate withouts me, can you believe it?


  1. Lucy Lou,

    Our peoples have gots to learn to relax sometimes! ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. It's rained here the past two days so I've had lots of little muddy paw prints on my kitchen floor. I couldn't stand it anymore so I mopped today. Then I started noticing how dirty everything else was and scrubbed that down too.

    I totally get your mom wanting to keep her car clean. It's a new car! I'm not big on keeping the outside clean so much but I can't stand the inside to be dirty.

    I've always wondered what my little chi's would do if I took them into a car wash. I don't know if they'd freak out or if it would even bother them.

  3. I know, humans can be so confusing!

  4. Love your blog, new follower!! :)

  5. That is really nice and I love dogs done with pencil.