Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just Lucy & I...

It would seem that lately either myself or Rob is out of town! Rob has been gone since Saturday night, and Lucy and I have been left alone to fend for ourselves. I'm pretty sure that Lucy has taken protecting her "hooman" very seriously- her Daddy must have had a talk with her before he left!

For the last couple of nights, it's been rather warm, and we've been sleeping with the windows open. On Sunday night, Lucy and I were curled up in bed- I was watching a movie (one of those ones that you shouldn't be watching when you're home alone unless you want to have a sleepless night!) and Lucy had fallen asleep. All of a sudden, Lucy's head perked up, the hair on her back stood on end, and she jumped up to a sitting position. "What is it, Lucy?" Lucy looked at me, and started to growl. By the time I had gotten out of bed, and rounded the other side of the bed the growl had become a full bark.

Lucy walked with me down the stairs, and stayed close by my side as I peered out each of the front windows. After I had inspected the premises and pronounced everything "fine", she followed me back upstairs and settled right back in! "Good Lucy!" I still have no idea what she heard.
Monday was my day off, and after spending 4 hours waiting for a doctor who told me when she finally appeared in the exam room that she was "a tad behind", I sped off to the grocery store in the pouring down rain. I hate grocery store parking lots, and I was already in a sour mood from the 4 hour wait at the doctors office. So, when a beat up mini-van came within one inch of backing right into me, I nearly killed someone. I had no idea where the horn was prior to this incident, but I sure found it fast!

I've had a hard time lately finding the "soup bones" that I give Lucy on a regular basis. So when I come across them, I tend to stock up. They store well in the freezer, so I would rather have them frozen than not be able to give Lucy her favorite treat!

I scooped up 6 packages of bones feeling rather confident that would last us till the next time I find them. The checkout attendant looked at me rather oddly and asked how big the pot of soup was that I needed all those bones for? I smiled and said "I've got a boxer puppy!". She's obviously never had a puppy because the look on her face told me that she had no idea why I would be giving a puppy all of those bones!


  1. My mom stocks up on bones fur me too! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. That bone looks DEEEELISH! Hope Lucy enjoys it!

  3. Dang, FOUR hours at the drs. office? I'm so sorry. I always have to wait forever too, even when I go first thing in the morning. I've learned it's good to go at the end of the day. Yes, I'll still have to wait but I don't have to worry about the dr. rushing off to the next appt. so he'll spend as much time as I need without making me feel rushed.

    Those are some big bones! I don't think my chi's would like them. They tend to like small things because they fit better in their mouths and it isn't as difficult to carry them.