Monday, October 11, 2010

Lucy's Take... My Hooman Has Left Me...AGAIN!

Well, she's done it agains. My hooman has lefts me. I'ms not very happy about its. At least this times, when she left, she forgot to take my Daddy.

I knews it wasn't good when she started throwing stuffs in dat big suitcase. I crawled in and trieds to get comfy, but she noticed that I was in der, and tolds me I couldn't go. In her defense, she looked really sad when she told me that!

To make matters worse, she tooks her pillow with her, so now I have no pillow to sleep on, and Daddy don't share his pillow. She trieds to be tough when she left Daddy and I, but I saw da tears in her eyes. If she didn't wanna leave us, why did she do it?

She talked to me on da phone last night! I felts so much better hearing her voice, but I couldn't find her. I looked in da kitchen. I looked in da laundry room. I even looked in her closet- but no Mom!

Anyways, I's is havin fun with my Daddy. I'ves been trying to see whats I can get away with, cause I'm sure that my big buddy won't be's as tough with me as Mommy is. He gives me hamburgers. How tough can he be? And tonights, we're gonna chill out and watches da football game on da tv, I bets I gets some pizza!

I sure miss my hooman... Can anybody tell me where Charleston is, and why couldn't I goes along? Daddy says Mommy is on a "mission" and dat if Mommy likes it der, we could move there. He says that there is a big beach there, and it's sunny and warm all da time. Does dat mean I won't need a winter coat? It sounds really nice there.

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