Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lucy's Take... Everything is Back to Normal!

Yesterday was finally the day! My hooman was coming home!

I coulds hardly waits for my Moms to get here! Daddy kept telling me she was on her way, but I gots pretty impatients! I waited so longs, dat I fell asleep. Buts when I heards the door open, I jumped right out of bed and rans down the stairs to greet her! We were so excited to see each other! But, my poor mom looked really tired! She drove 700 miles yesterday, only stopping for a coupla minutes at a time! She tolds Daddy that she was in a hurry to gets home to see us! She also mentioned somethings about drinking 4 cups of coffee in da last 4 hours- dat didn't sound good and was probably why she hads a hard time fallings asleep when she gots here!

I'm just happy she's home! And she broughts me presents! Check it out... Do you's thinks I oughta forvive her for leavings me since she brought me a present?

I'ms pretty sure dat theres is another present too. There is a big purple ball sittin on the counter dat wasn't there before. I tink dats for me too, but my hooman isn't givings it to me. I guess I'll have to wait.

I hads a very good time with my Daddy, but those two hoomans sure are differents!

Mom: Here's a carrot & some celery, Lucy!

Dad: Have a taco and a cookie, Lucy!

Mom: Here's some chicken and a little bit of cheese, Lucy!

Dad: Want some pizza and chips, Lucy?

What's up wit dat? Why is it dat when Mommy is hungry she goes to da kitchen and makes a big mess, but when Daddy's hungry he gets in da truck and goes through a thing he calls a "drive through"?

I'ms not so sure, but I tinks Daddy is gonna be in troubles when he gets home from work. Mommy's mentioned about 10 times now what a big mess da house is. And since I can'ts run da vacuum, mop or do the laundry, I'd say my Daddy was sposed to be doin dats! She's been runnins around here like crazy for the last two hours tryins to clean up. And I helped her makes some chicken noodle soups for dinner. I sampled da carrots, celery and chicken and tolds mom that dat they were alls good!


  1. We know you're happy to have your Mom home--even if she didn't bring you anything. But presents are always welcome

    The Chicken noodle soup sounds delicious.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  2. Lucy Lou,

    Your momma is home safe and sound AND she gots you a is good!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. Glad to hear that your Mom made is home safely. Drives like that seem like they will never end. Looks like you got some fun toys.

  4. Glad your mom made it there and back safely.

    If it were me, since she got you some pressies I'd tell her it was ok THIS TIME but not to ever, ever, ever leave you again! Baby boxers need their mama's!