Friday, October 8, 2010

Lucy's Take... Human Foods Is Da Best!!

I know's dat my hooman has been complaining dat I haven't been posing for pictures, so yesterday, on her day off, I decided to pose for a couple of pictures. I don't means to be camera shy, it's just dat how many pictures of me does my hooman really need?

I'ms not so sure dat I should have let her get dis evidence. She snapped dis picture after Daddy gave me a little bite of a cookie wit some icing on it. It's was so yummy, but Mommy says I'ms not supposed to be eating cookies wit icing on em. I wonders if I can eat da cookies if dey don't haves icing on em?

My hooman made me some blueberry muffins on Sunday. She saids dat dey were just for puppies, but my Daddy ate some of dem. I guessin dat if I's is gonna eat their cookies, that I's is gonna have to share my blueberry muffins. Mommy got a whole cookbook just for me, she showed me all da tings that she's gonna bake for me. I sures hope I gets to eat em before my Daddy eats em all!

I sure luvs my Daddy. I got to go to works with him 2 days this past week, and I's even got to rides in one of da big trucks! I luvs helpin my hoomans!

My Daddy's a lot of fun to play with! He gets real crazy with me. Sometimes Mommy says we get too wild and makes us stop, but we's just havin fun! Every night when he's gets home he gets down on da floor and wrestles with me! I have's so much fun growlin and barking at him. I luvs playin with Mommy too, but Daddy lets me gets real crazy!

I cant's be as roughs with my Mom cause Daddy says she's not tough enoughs to handle it because she's a girl. I don't really understands dat, because I'm a girl too.

I's gots another new collar. Mommy says I growin too fast and dats why I keep gettins new collars. Dis collar was handmade for me's by a really nice lady dat my Hooman knows from the Boxer Mailing List. Her name is Dawn, and she makes all kinds of different n pretty doggy collars. You shoulds go check it out if's you's is needin a new collar. Her website is: Arvendale Boxers

My hooman's gonna haves to order me another ones, cause I just had a big growth spurt and dis collar is tight already! Must be all dose cookies I's eatin!


  1. Daddy's are the best for rough housing! Looks like you agree! It's always the Mommy's that have to do all the mean ears, giving baths, etc...that makes Daddy twice as much fun!

  2. Awwwww my hubs would come home and then the nubby tails would run over and try to lick the sweat off of him (he works in construction) ewwww and then he'd get on the floor and wrestle with both of them for a good hour until I got tired of looking at all of the things they were knocking over... So funny!!! I miss those days! Enjoy them!

    ~The Mama Monster

  3. We love human food the best, too!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. I brought home some blueberry struesel bread yesterday. Today I toasted some and had it for breakfast. I don't usually share with my boys but I did today and then wondered if blueberries were ok for dogs. Guess they must be if they were in your mom's cookbook!

    That's a fancy collar you got there, Lucy!

  5. I forget and play rough with my mom all the time and get yelled at. I try to remember but I just love playing so much.