Monday, November 8, 2010

Lucy Wants To Go Shopping...

I think Lucy might have been trying to send her Daddy a message this morning. I just got a call from her Daddy that she had managed somehow to pull his wallet from his briefcase, completely remove all of the cash and then she proceeded to pull all of his credit cards out and start nibbling. I think she was trying to tell him that she wants to go shopping! Good girl, Lucy! That's definitely the right wallet to be in if you're in the mood for a big shopping spree!


  1. Lucy's no dummy! Next time, she won't get caught until the bills come in!!

  2. Our Lucy has done this to her Daddy's wallet as well!! Smart girls! Too bad Momma handles the finances in our house! Why do you think I am a Momma's boy?

    Wiggles and Licks,

  3. Knowing her Daddy as I do, I'm surprised that the wallet was even in reach of her little mouth. He and I have been together 5 years and I've never managed to get all of the money and credit cards out, LOL!

  4. Smart girly! I tore apart a $50 bill once and my mom had to dry out the pieces and tape them back together. She wasn't very happy with me!

  5. Oh my gosh, that is one of the cutest & most clever things I have ever heard. I'm trying to figure out how she could actually get all those thin papers and plastic out!! I bet the people in the Professional Pick Pocket Business would love to hire her as an assistant!! LOL.
    Have a fun day,
    Joan & Jane Austen-Eyre

  6. Lucy's no dummy, she knows just how to tell her daddy what she wants! lol

    Years ago, I worked with a woman who told me this story about how she went to visit a friend. She set her purse down beside her chair as she and her friend talked. After awhile, the friend's cat came into the room. The cat walked right over to woman's purse and pulled out a dollar bill!

  7. Lucy Lou!!

    I will goes shoppin' wif you girlfuriend!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. Let's go shoppin' Maggie Mae! I be you're just missin' your Mom...

  9. Sometimes you need a bit of drastic action to get your point across to humans. Well done, Lucy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  10. Oh, Lucy - you ARE the smart girl.

    The Road Dogs

  11. smart puppy! Our bulldog baby went through the box with our yard sale cash, promptly pulled out the one and only hundred dollar bill, and carried it around like a trophy.
    We took it away, put everything up, and later that night she did it again, and went for the same bill, again. Tell me she is not smart!