Monday, November 29, 2010


Lucy's not as little as she used to be, she's growing up pretty quickly. So, in honor of her newly added pounds and inches, her play space at the store had to get bigger! She was so excited to come into work with me the other day and discover that she's now got even more room to romp around. She wasted no time figuring out a way to keep an eye on everything going on in the store, either. I finished with a customer to find my little boxer's head sticking out the bottom of a bookcase. She was so happy to see me that I got a big kiss... Of course, I had to crawl around on the ground with her to get it...

The hunt for toys that will occupy Lucy for hours, without being destroyed is on. I loved all the suggestions I got after the post I made about the lion the other day. (I wonder who I can contact to become a "toy tester"... Lucy's also curious!) After reading all of those posts this morning, I got online and ordered Lucy up some new toys. I found a great site- with fantastic prices which really made me happy! (

We've got dragons on the way... And in the process I was able to locate a replacement for Lucy's favorite toy that was retired two weeks ago. I had looked everywhere, including the place where I bought it, a pet store in Charleston and even one in Orlando with no luck! But I struck pay dirt this morning, and we've got 6 of them on the way! I can't deal with that look on Lucy's face...

Since we're on the subject of indestructable toys, I thought I would share this one with you. This octopus was purchased ( about 6 months ago and has really taken a beating! Lucy loves him, and I'm thrilled that the $19.00 I spent lasted longer than 30 minutes! She and I had a wild play with the octopus this afternoon, and he's no worse for show.... (If only I could say the same for my arm and the sweater that I'm wearing :) )


  1. We have the same toy issue with our son's boxer-bull (boxer-pit bull mix), Nike. She's so hard on toys. I'm looking for Christmas presents for her that will last longer than just through Christmas breakfast!

  2. I just love Lucy. Indestructible Dog Toys? That sounds like an oxymoron to me!
    Love your pics!
    Faith's Firm Foundation

  3. Leave it to Lucy to find the best place to supervise. Good luck with the toys.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Toys never last around Chez Max! With four sibes, nothing lasts long around here!! heehee

  5. Lucy is so cute, and that octopus must be well made - that's a good recommendation

  6. I imagine Lucy to be a lot like my dad's younger beagle - high energy but likes to cuddle too sometimes.

    You know, it's just a thought but that website you ordered Lucy's toys from probably has an email address posted somewhere for customer service. You could always email them and ask if you could do a review for your blog. They send you free stuff and you do a post about your thoughts.

  7. Bella has the octopus too... she loves it! (And it lasts longer than any other ones we've tried)