Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tug O' War With A Lion...

...And the boxer won!

Lucy's been such a good sport about all of the hours that she's been at work with her mama, and earlier this week I decided it was time to reward my little helper. (Since a paycheck is out of the question, I reward her with toys and bones!)

Off to Petco Lucy and I went. I always let Lucy pick out a toy, and of course, I typically grab a bunch of stuff on the way through. I'm always looking for things that will occupy her while we're at work, and of course, not fall apart immediately. (3 of her toys have gone to the toy graveyard in the past 7 days! I "mend" them whenever I can, but these 3 were beyond the point of minor surgery!)

Lucy picked out a little lion with a rope, she loves anything that has a rope attached. And she was so excited with her new toy that she pulled it out of the bag as soon as we got in the car and she played with until we got to work, then carried it into the store, and laid right down with it. 30 minutes later, the precious lion was in two pieces... I'll be returning that one to Petco- it was labeled "strong".... I don't think so!

I feel bad because she loved the toy, but it just didn't hold up to my little tug of war queen! You win some, you loose some!


  1. Maybe you should offer Lucy as the toy tester, so anything labelled strong, will be strong.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. My boys are bad about destroying their toys, espcially anything stuffed. They even chewed up their unstuffed stuffies! Now I mostly just stick with tennis balls. Shiver is obsessed with his tennis balls. Sometimes when he's eating, he'll drop his ball in his food bowl so that no one will steal it.

  3. Lucy, you look so cute with your Lion! We're glad you got a special treat from Mom :)

  4. Sorry you chewed up your lion. I have a hedgehod whose guts are spilled out a little. Mostly though my stuff is intact, but you're a bigger doggy than me! I have a really sturdy rope. It's got too big knots in it and it's really cool. Maybe you should try that!
    Your Pal,

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  6. A certain Brindle I know has a collection of Dragons that can take a licken and keep on ticken. Maybe you would enjoy them too.
    Its called the Go Dog Baby Dragon Plush Dog Toy with Chew Guard by Sherpa Group

  7. Have you tried Tuffie Toys? Those seem to be the only ones Bella doesn't destroy immediately. They do get destroyed eventually, but it takes longer than usual, at least.