Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm The Luckiest Girl On The Planet...

As I age, which I can assure you is happening way too rapidly, I seem to be really focused in on the the blessings that have been bestowed upon me. I get all goopy and sentimental, and often teary. I'm a darn lucky girl, and I know it! Don't know some days how I got so lucky, but I know that I am! I've got a wonderful fiance, who is handsome, funny and smart and still capable after 5 years of making my heart skip several beats in a split second. I've got a little boxer who brings sunshine to my world every single day. I've got a great family and wonderful friends. So, yeah, I'm very lucky!

Yesterday afternoon, I was in the back hallway painting- my second hallway of the day. (Am I done yet?)

Lucy was staring at me like "Are you reallys gonna paint ALL days?" and dropping her toys in my paint tray on a pretty regular basis. (Almost all of her toys have had a paint bath at this point. It's her way of telling me that it's time to quit painting and play with her!) I had just fished a toy out of the chocolate brown paint and scowled at Lucy for the 10th time in 15 minutes (which incidentally is never going to clean off) when the doorbell rang. I figured it was either a neighbor or the UPS guy. I was completely shocked to see nothing but a huge vase filled with the most magnificent red roses that I've ever seen!

My handsome, smart and funny fiance did that thing where he made my heart skip several beats in a split second! I couldn't even believe it. He's bought me roses before, but he's never sent me roses! (Of course, I've never been 1100 miles away for a very extended period of time either!) It was just the most romantic, sweet thing on the planet! I am still beaming, and of course, now I've got the wonderful, fragrant smell of roses all through the house (instead of paint!). I just love that darn boy so much! And I miss him like crazy!

Yesterday afternoon after the excitement of the roses arriving, I put Lucy outside to get some fresh air and give myself a break from fishing toys out of paint. She was being very quiet, which can never be a good thing. And when I stepped out onto the patio, I found out why. Either Lucy was digging to China, or she decided to help us with the landscaping because there was a HUGE hole right next to the patio. And of course, the little boxer was covered in dirt!

Lucy's landscaping project must have worn her out last night, because still today she seems interested in doing nothing but sleeping today. It's a little gloomy out here today, no sunshine! Maybe she's decided it's a good day to be lazy, but I'm sure that as soon as I crack open another gallon of paint, she'll be ready to rumble! Of course she will- she's recharging as I blog...


  1. i have the same paint "helper"

  2. We are planning on painting most of our house in the Spring and I know Baxter will not be impressed.
    Baxter is often quiet in the backyard and it's never good. He's either digging to China or trying to get in the neigbours yard from under the fence.

  3. What a nice post. Beautiful roses! And yes Lucy you are a special girl too
    Benny & Lily

  4. Hi Y'all,

    Just stopped by to catch up with y'alls goin's on...Guess Lucy wants you to plant a red rose bush right beside the patio.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  5. Way to go Lucy! Getting a jump on your spring gardening.
    Where you digging a hole to plant the roses? Smart dog!


  6. Roses will do it for sure...not to mention play time with a gorgeous boxer....well some time anyway. PS thanks for the birthday wishes and looks like tomorrow is a BIG wishes to you....yeaah!

  7. Yeah you sure are lucky! Lucy did a good job on that hole! Lily does the same thing with her toys, or she'll drop them into the basket and then cry because she can't get them out, so Mama has to stop what she's doing to get the toys out, and then she drops them back in the basket OVER AND OVER AND OVER! Dogs are so funny aren't we?