Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lucy & I's Version of Superbowl Fun

Lucy and I are from Pittsburgh, but Sunday evening as the Steelers took the field, she and I weren't watching. We don't have any form of cable hooked up in the Florida house. So, the alternative was to have Nfl.com on my Ipad and watch the score as the Pittsburgh boys where relieved of winning their 7th Superbowl by the Packers! (As you might have guessed, we're not Steelers fans! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: As for me and my boxer, we will follow the N'Orleans Saints!)

Logic told Lucy's Human that just because we couldn't watch the game, didn't mean that we couldn't have "Superbowl Food!". So, Lucy and I made a pizza, and Lucy waited eagerly for our creation to be done. She loves pizza. Or should I say, that she loves getting bites of the crust, mushrooms and little bits of melted cheese.

After our pizza dinner, Lucy and I set out for our evening walk. I was thinking it would probably be a very quiet walk, as I could tell that nobody was out and about. Of course not- they were all watching the game. However, as we rounded the corner, we met up with Lucy's friend, Toby and his human, Jason.

I have my suspicions that this could be a wonderful friendship. Toby is a handsome boy, who is about the same size as Lucy and loves to wrestle. There is always an attempt a good play when we meet up with them. There's always an escape when we meet up with them, too and Sunday night was no different. Toby is very good at slipping his collar. Instead of using his freedom to take down my little boxer, Toby decided it was a nice night for a run through the neighborhood. Which also meant that Lucy, Jason and I had a run through the neighborhood too! Jason called his wife who brought the car and apprehended Toby by opening the car door. And I finally got to meet her.

Have I mentioned yet that my neighbors here are great? I met a couple the other day that live around the block and she's from Jamaica and he's from Grenada. How cool is that?

After our unplanned jog around the neighborhood, Lucy and I were both ready to settle in for the evening. She was so thrilled to curl up with an empty plastic bottle and do some damage. And, I sat with my Ipad watching as the Packers took a victory!

We also got some exciting news on Sunday evening!! Lucy's Aunt Chloe (who looks just like a grown up version of Lucy), is expecting puppies! Of course, Lucy and I can't wait to see them. I took Lucy to see her last litter, and she was so precious with the puppies.

This picture was taken when Lucy was about 6 weeks old. Can you see the resemblance? (Lucy was still wearing her little yellow ribbon at the time!) I can't believe how teeny tiny and cute Lucy was. No wonder I fell head over heels in love with her!


  1. Lucy is so sweet... even sweeter as a pup! Too cute! I was rootin' for the Packers too!

  2. That pizza looks really good!!!
    Lucy and her Aunt are very cute! They do look a lot alike!

  3. Yum Pizza. So sorry you couldn't watch the game on TV. Being a packer fan I almost had three heart attacks due to suspense. I need to know are you getting a puppy from the new litter?

  4. I am returning my Steelers jersey
    Benny (& Lily)

  5. My mom thinks dat Lucy Lou's Aunt Chloe looks like me! Could we all be long lost cuzins? ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Who Dat!

  6. I'm all about any excuse to eat Super Bowl food!

  7. Didn't Lucy just have a birthday? Our boxer baby will be a year old tomorrow! Time flies, doesn't it?