Monday, June 28, 2010

Lucy's Take... Our Day At Home

Today is Mommy n I's day off. I'm not sure what's da matter wit my human, cuz she hasn't stopped movin all day. Shouldn't a day off be a day to play wit your boxer? But, my Mommy has been runnin da vacuum, scrubbin da floors, n throwin laundry in da washin machine. She even tore all da sheets off da bed. Crazy human! Da house can't possibly be any cleaner than what it already is.

Just thought I should let ya all know, Mommy decided last night dat she's gonna start reviewin my favorite toys. I tink she said we're gonna do one a day... Dat might take a while. We'll probably start dat tomorrow when we go back to da store. You might wanna check it out- my human buys some pretty cool toys. I'm pretty sure she must have been a dog at some point.

" Whatca got there, Mom? Is der peanut butter in dere? I tink I smell peanut butter. Ooh, boy. Dat smells really good. I'm sittin, gimma da peanut butter... I'll take care of dat for ya, Ma."

" Yep, dat's definitely peanut butter in there. She could have just given me da jar. Would've saved her some time. Boy is dis good."

" It's almost all gone, Ma. What are we gonna do now? You're not gonna run dat vacuum again are you? I'll help ya wash the kitchen floor if ya want or you can just give me more peanut butter. Maybe we should go outside n chase the ball around a lil bit."

" Just in case ya didn't notice, Ma, my peanut butter is all gone. What am I gonna do now? Whys is all my toys up der? You know Daddy don't allow me up der. Can I have dem? By da way, do ya hear dat rain out der? Guess we won't be goin outside anytime soon."

" Looks like my only option is to take a nap. Wanna join me big green spider? Maybe by da time we wake up, da rain will be gone and Ma will have put dat vacuum away."


  1. Very sorry That your mommy is cleaning the house! We Love your big Green Spider, what a nice friend to take a Nappy with!

  2. Lucy Lou,

    How did I miss this earlier post of yours! I see your momma stuffed your bones with Peanut Butters....Yum! I swears you gets cuter every day. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. Maggie Mae-

    I ates so much peanut butter outta dem bones yesterday that I feel like a peanut today! She gave me anothers one dis mornin when she was gettin ready for work, n I tink she bought anothers jar of peanut butter dis morning! Yippee!

    My mama got real crazy with dat darn flash box yesterday, wait till ya see my new pictures! She'll probably put dem up just as soon as she has some more coffee. Don't know what it is with my humans and coffee, but dey never seem to get enough of it!

    Wiggles and Giggles,