Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lucy Likes It: Kyjen I-Qube

This extremely durable, entertaining puppy toy, is made by a company called Kyjen. They make an entire line of interactive toys, as well as other toys that we have found to be pretty much tough puppy proof. They label their toys as "Plush Puppies" toys. We have several toys from this line, and have found the durability to be consistent across the board.

We purchased our I-Qube from It was $10.68 and we got free shipping (we're Amazon Prime Members). These toys come in 2 different sizes, large and small. We got the large one. The cube has 3 plush balls, with little squeakers inside, and are great for chewing.

At first, Lucy wasn't sure what to do with the toy. But after I showed her a couple of times how to get the balls out, she absolutely fell in love with it. I had some doubts about teaching her to retrieve the balls from the toy, but it was pretty easy to teach her. All I had to do was remove the balls several times and then place them back inside the cube while Lucy was watching. Of course, when she finally figured out how to get the balls out, there was a treat and plenty of praise waiting for her. This is one of her most played with toys and it didn't take her long to figure out how this game works.

Lucy's Human loves that this toy is very durable, was inexpensive, and seems to challenge my pup. The squeakers also seem to maintain their sound no matter how much Lucy nibbles on them. We have purchased other toys that after time, the squeakers wear out and no longer work. Lucy loves that the balls squeak, are fun to chew on, and has a lot of fun tossing the cube in the air and catching it once she's gotten the balls out.

I have not attempted to wash this toy, so I can't attest to whether or not it will stand a whirl around the washing machine, but I'm betting that it would.

Lucy gives Kyjen I-Qube: 10 Wiggles

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